Calendar for: Judge Ronald M. Whyte
Courtroom 6, 4th Floor
Courtroom Deputy: Jackie Lynn Garcia

Last Updated: Nov 23 2014 10:14PM
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Monday, Nov 24 2014
5:13-cr-00261-RMW-1 - USA v. Anthony Tangi Folau Mose
Motion to Terminate Supervised Release
5:13-cr-00798-RMW-1 - USA v. Ademar Becerril (C)
AUSA: Thomas Colthurst / DEF: Mark Arnold
Status Conference
5:13-cr-00798-RMW-3 - USA v. Macario Jimenez-Corona (C)
AUSA: Thomas Colthurst / DEF: Lupe Martinez
Status Conference
5:13-cr-00798-RMW-4 - USA v. Francisco Ortiz (C)
AUSA: Thomas Colthurst / DEF: Jack Gordon
Status Conference
5:13-cr-00798-RMW-5 - USA v. Juan Luis Jimenez-Castaneda (C)
AUSA: Thomas Colthurst / DEF: Peter Goldscheider
Status Conference
5:14-cr-00312-RMW-1 - USA v. John Copeland (C)
AUSA: Thomas Colthurst / DEF: Michelle Spencer
Status Conference
5:14-cr-00424-RMW-1 - USA v. Nestor Lustre (C)
Status Conference
Tuesday, Nov 25 2014
Wednesday, Nov 26 2014
Thursday, Nov 27 2014
Friday, Nov 28 2014
Monday, Dec 1 2014
5:99-cr-20229-RMW - USA v. Hector Delgado
Status Conference (Reptr)
5:13-cr-00502-RMW - USA v. Ulysses Vasquez
Status Conference (Reptr)
Thursday, Dec 4 2014
5:11-cv-05526-RMW - Gens-v-Colonial Savings, F.A.
Pretrial Conference
Friday, Dec 5 2014
5:08-cv-00868-RMW - Spears et al v. Washington Mutual, Inc. et al
Motion Hearing
Preliminary Approval Hearing and Motion for Costs
5:14-cv-03236-RMW - Cisco Systems Inc v. STMicroelectronics Inc
Motion Hearing
5:12-cv-04656-RMW - Abdelfattah v. Carringhton Mortgage Services, LLC
Case Management Conference
5:13-cv-01786-RMW - Sung v. Bussio et al
Case Management Conference
5:14-cv-01880-RMW - Nguyen v. UNUM Life Insurance Company et al
Case Management Conference
5:14-cv-02140-RMW - Adobe Systems Incorporated v. Software Tech
Case Mgmt Conference Further
Monday, Dec 8 2014
5:09-cr-00716-RMW - USA v. Victoria Puntanilla
Revocation Superv Rls Hearing
5:14-cr-00567-RMW - USA v. Robert Toltzis
Status Conference (Reptr)
Friday, Dec 12 2014
5:14-cv-00611-RMW - Pfeiffer v. Netversant Solutions II LP
Motion Hearing
Monday, Dec 15 2014
5:13-cr-00295-RMW-1 - USA v. Son Nguyen
AUSA: Gary Fry / DEF: Paul Meltzer
Status Conference
5:13-cr-00295-RMW-2 - USA v. Hai Lan Nguyen
AUSA: Gary Fry / DEF: Peter Leeming
Status Conference
5:13-cr-00798-RMW-2 - USA v. Arturo Cuevas-Quezadaz (C)
AUSA: Thomas Colthurst / DEF: Robert Lyons
Status Conference
5:14-cr-00051-RMW-1 - USA v. Justin Everett Crutchfield (C)
AUSA: Amie Rooney / DEF: Varell Fuller
Status Conference
5:14-cr-00051-RMW-2 - USA v. Demontae Terell Toliver (C)
AUSA: Amie Rooney / DEF: Jay Rorty
Status Conference (Reptr)
5:14-cr-00531-RMW - USA v. Mark Feathers
Status Conference (Reptr)
5:11-cv-05526-RMW - Gens-v-Colonial Savings, F.A.
Jury Trial
Friday, Dec 19 2014
5:14-cv-01070-RMW - Imber-Gluck v. Google Inc.
Case Management Conference
5:14-cv-02155-RMW - D.V. et al v. City of Sunnyvale et al
Case Mgmt Conference Further
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Civil Law and Motion:
Fridays @ 9:00 a.m.
For Motions Being Filed At This Time - The Next Available Hearing Date Is:
*MAY 30, 2014*

Case Management Conference:
Fridays @ 10:30 a.m.

Criminal Calendar:
Mondays @ 9:00 a.m.

Pretrial Conference:
Thursdays @ 2:00 p.m. - The Court May Specially Set Criminal Matters on Thursdays.

Trial Schedule:
Mondays: 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays: 8:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.
Fridays: Dark
Jury Selection: Mondays @ 1:30 p.m.

NO Civil/Criminal Matters Will Be Heard The Following Dates:
May 26, 2014 (Holiday); July 4, 2014 (Holiday); July 14, 2014; July 18, 2014; September 1, 2014 (Holiday); October 13, 2014 (Holiday); October 24, 2014; November 28, 2014 (Holiday); December 22, 2014; December 26, 2014; December 29, 2014; January 2, 2015. 

Notice of Unavailability:
Please take notice that the HONORABLE RONALD M. WHYTE will be UNAVAILABLE the following dates: 
July 14, 2014 through July 18, 2014; October 22, 2014 through October 24, 2014; November 27, 2014 through November 28, 2014; December 22, 2014 through January 2, 2015.

All counsel are hereby given notice that court will NOT be in session during this period, and such absence constitutes a Certificate of Unavailability pursuant to Civil Local Rule 1-5(p). If urgency requires, counsel in any case assigned to Judge Whyte may request a hearing before the General Duty Judge as provided in Civil Local Rule 7-1(c).

***Judge Whyte's Standing Order for Electronic Case Filing***
 In addition to filing papers electronically, the parties are REQUIRED to lodge for chambers no later than noon on the business day following the day that the papers are filed electronically, one paper copy of each document that is filed electronically. These printed copies shall be marked "Chambers Copy-Do Not File," and shall be clearly marked with the judge's name, case number. The printed copies shall be mailed or delivered to the Clerk's Office. Parties shall not file a paper copy of any document with the Clerk's Office that has not been filed electronically. Any submissions that require immediate review by the court within 48 hours of their filing MUST BE DELIVERED to the Judge's Clerk in paper form on the same day that the documents are filed electronically.  Counsel shall contact Judge Whyte's Court Clerk by email at to check on the status of submitted proposed orders, telephonic appearances or inquiries on cases that are before Judge Whyte. 

Jackie Lynn Garcia
Clerk to Judge Ronald M. Whyte
Direct Dial: (408) 535-5375
Direct Email: