Calendar for: Judge Maxine M. Chesney
Courtroom 7, 19th Floor
Courtroom Deputy: Tracy Lucero

Last Updated: Aug 30 2014 11:02AM
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Wednesday, Sep 3 2014
3:08-cr-00928-MMC-1 - USA v. Travon Maurice Jacobs (custody)
AUSA: Jeffrey Shih / DEFT: Christopher Cannon / USPO: Octavio Magana
Initial Appearance re: Supervised Release Petition
Wednesday, Sep 10 2014
- Judge Unavailable - All Day
Friday, Sep 12 2014
3:14-cv-01570-MMC - Eunice Johnson v. Triple Leaf Tea, Inc.
Pltf: Ronald Marron, Alexis Wood, Beatrice Resendes / Deft: Dion Cominos, Ryan Polk
Initial Case Management Conference
3:14-cv-02633-MMC - Dawn Zipper, et al v. Diversified Consultants, Inc., et al
Pltf: Arturo Matthews Jr. / Deft: Debbie Kirkpatrick
Initial Case Management Conference
Wednesday, Sep 17 2014
3:09-cr-00074-MMC-1 - USA v. Jermane Williams (custody)
AUSA: Kyle Waldinger / AFPD: Daniel Blank / USPO: Bobby Love Jr.
Status re: Amended Supervised Release Petition (Reptr)
3:12-cr-00060-MMC-10 - USA v. Benjamin Lee Williams
AUSA: Kevin Barry / DEF: Jeffrey Bornstein
Status Conference or Change of Plea (Reptr)
3:12-cr-00678-MMC-1 - USA v. James B. Catledge
AUSA: Robert Rees / DEF: David Chesnoff
Further Status/Trial Setting Conference (Reptr)
3:14-cr-00016-MMC - USA v. Marlin Moore
Status Conference (Reptr)
3:14-cr-00016-MMC - USA v. Steve McIntosh
Status Conference (Reptr)
3:14-cr-00016-MMC - USA v. Mark Goldberg
Status Conference (Reptr)
3:14-cr-00016-MMC - USA v. Son Dang
Status Conference (Reptr)
3:14-cr-00250-MMC-1 - USA v. Raymond Gilliam (custody)
AUSA: Benjamin Kingsley / DEF: Galia Phillips / USPO: Jill Spitalieri
3:14-cr-00443-MMC - USA v. Saul Reyes
Status Conference (Reptr)
Friday, Sep 19 2014
3:14-cv-01267-MMC - Edwin Palmeri et al v. Allstate Insurance Company
Pltf: / Deft: Michael Barnes, Megan Barker
Defendant's Motion to Dismiss Second Amended Complaint
3:07-cv-05222-MMC - Melinda Friend et al v. The Hertz Corporation
Pltf: Joshua Konecky, Robert Stein / Deft: Robert Dolinko
Case Mgmt Conference Further
3:13-cv-00511-MMC - Bernave Alcaraz et al v. United States of America
Pltf: H. Nelson Meeks / Deft: Lana Vahab
Further Status Conference (No Reptr) (BY PHONE)
3:13-cv-02639-MMC - The Board of Trustees v. AAP Concrete, Inc.
Pltf: Kristina Zinnen / Deft:
Case Mgmt Conference Further
3:13-cv-02965-MMC - Synopsys, Inc. v. Atoptech, Inc
Pltf: Patrick Michael, Krista Schwartz / Deft: Jeffrey Miller, Deborah Fishman
Case Mgmt Conference Further
3:13-cv-03323-MMC - Toppan Photomasks, Inc. v. Keun Taek Park
Pltf: Danielle Ochs, Becki Graham / Deft: Marc Bernstein, Will Fitton
Further Status Conference (No Reptr)
3:13-cv-04752-MMC - Riley v. City of Richmond et al
Initial Case Mgmt Conference
Wednesday, Sep 24 2014
- Judge Unavailable - All Day
Friday, Sep 26 2014
3:07-cv-06423-MMC - Securities and Exchange Commission v. Olins et al
Plaintiff's Motion for Order to Show Cause
3:14-cv-02410-MMC - Luis Colom v. Wells Fargo Home Mortgage Inc
Motion Hearing
3:14-cv-02410-MMC - Luis Colom v. Wells Fargo Home Mortgage Inc
Case Management Conference
3:14-cv-02922-MMC - Ghosh v. City of Berkeley et al
Case Management Conference
Wednesday, Oct 1 2014
3:00-cr-00450-MMC-1 - USA v. John L. Davis
AUSA: Andrew Scoble / DEFT: V. Roy Lefcourt / USPO: Janie Zhuang
Further Status re: Supervised Release (Reptr)
Friday, Oct 3 2014
3:13-cv-03232-MMC - Mc Erlain v. Park Plaza Towers Owners Association et al
Motion Hearing
3:13-cv-04384-MMC - McErlain v. Park Plaza Towers Owners Association et al
Motion Hearing
3:14-cv-02464-MMC - Huricks et al v. Shopkick, Inc.
Motion Hearing
3:14-cv-03249-MMC - Flaishans v. Coram Specialty Infusion Services, Inc.
Motion Hearing
3:14-md-02532-MMC - In re Yosemite National Park Hantavirus Litigation
Case Mgmt Conference Further
Friday, Oct 10 2014
3:13-cv-05572-MMC - Nelson Carballo v. Comcast, Inc. et al
Pltf: / Deft: David Rosenfeld, Caren Sencer
Defendant Communications Workers of America's Motion to Dismiss
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This is to certify that The Honorable Maxine M. Chesney will be unavailable on the following date(s):  

 Wednesday, September 10, 2014 and Wednesday, September 24, 2014

All Counsel are hereby given notice that they may, if urgency requires, request a hearing on any case assigned to Judge Chesney before the General Duty Judge pursuant to Civil Local Rule 1-5(n).

Tracy Lucero
Clerk to the Hon. Maxine Chesney


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