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Courtroom 6, 17th Floor
Courtroom Deputy: Lashanda Scott

Last Updated: Jun 18 2018 4:26AM
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Monday, Jun 18 2018
3:09-cr-00966-CRB-1 - USA v. Danny San Nicolas
AUSA: Katherine Wawrzyniak / DEF: Gabriela Bischof / Prob: Octavio Magana
Status Conference re Supervised Release
3:17-cr-00175-CRB-2 - USA v. Taj Armon Reid
AUSA: Susan Badger / DEF: Darryl Stallworth, Charles Woodson and Mahal Montoya
Status Conference
3:17-cr-00175-CRB - USA v. Taj Reid
Change of Plea Hearing
3:17-cr-00175-CRB - USA v. Derf Butler
Status Conference (Reptr)
3:17-cr-00175-CRB - USA v. Clifton Burch
Status Conference (Reptr)
3:17-cr-00175-CRB - USA v. Peter McKean
Status Conference (Reptr)
3:17-cr-00175-CRB - USA v. Len Turner
Status Conference
3:17-cr-00175-CRB - USA v. Lance Turner
Status Conference
3:18-cr-00021-CRB-1 - USA v. Robert Bogucki
AUSA: Robert Leach / DEF: Adam Shearer
Motion to Dismiss
Friday, Jun 22 2018
3:11-cr-00799-CRB-1 - USA v. Craig Lipton
AUSA: Andrew Mast/DEF: Ted Cassman/Prob: Aakash Raju
3:11-cr-00800-CRB-1 - USA v. Troy Kent
AUSA: Andrew Mast/DEF: Mikael A. Abye, Partick David Robbins/Prob: Aakash Raju
3:11-cr-00801-CRB-1 - USA v. Laith Salma
AUSA: Andrew Mast, E. Patchen / DEF: Lisa Tenorio-Kutzkey/Prob: Prob: Jill Spitalieri
3:13-cr-00069-CRB-1 - USA v. Gilbert Chung
AUSA: Andrew Mast/DEF: William Osterhaudt/Prob: Jill Spitalieri
3:13-cr-00388-CRB-1 - USA v. Robert Williams
AUSA: Andrew Mast/DEF: Robert E. Carey Jr./Prob: Aakash Raju
Tuesday, Jun 26 2018
3:14-cr-00534-CRB-3 - USA v. Kevin B. Cullinane
AUSA: Manish Kumar / DEF: Doron Weinberg/Prob: Jill Spitalieri
Restitution Hearing
Wednesday, Jun 27 2018
- Sentencing Calendar Closed
3:15-cr-00234-CRB-17 - USA v. Loui Artin
AUSA: Claudia Quiroz / DEF: George Mgdesyan/Prob: Monica Romero
3:16-cr-00412-CRB-1 - USA v. Michael Anthony Howard (CUSTODY)
AUSA: Andrew Dawson/DEF: Robert Waggener/Prob: Jill Spitiallieri
3:17-cr-00373-CRB-2 - USA v. Krystal Flores
AUSA: Randall Leonard / DEF: Gabriela Bischof/Prob: Aakash Raju
3:17-cr-00464-CRB-1 - USA v. Demitris Marcell Bow (CUSTODY)
AUSA: Karen Kreuzkamp / DEF: Ethan Balogh/Prob: Jill Spitalieri
3:18-cr-00022-CRB-1 - USA v. Guadalupe Zepeda
AUSA: Christopher Vieira / DEF: Gabriela Bischof/Prob: Brian Casai
3:13-cr-00804-CRB-1 - USA v. Michael Navone
AUSA: Andrew Mast/DEF: K.
3:17-cr-00020-CRB-1 - USA v. Deon Grant
AUSA: Helen Gilbert / DEF: Gabriela Bischof/Prob: Robert Tenney
Status Conference re Sentencing
3:17-cr-00553-CRB - USA v. Chion Alemu
Status Conference
3:17-cr-00604-CRB - USA v. Billy Lockhart
Status Conference (Reptr)
3:17-cr-00604-CRB - USA v. Benjamin Martin
Status Conference (Reptr)
3:18-cr-00135-CRB-1 - USA v. Edward Nyquist (CUSTODY)
AUSA: Sailaja Paidipaty / DEF: Daniel Blank
Status Conference (Reptr)
3:18-cr-00165-CRB-1 - USA v. Enzo Cestoni (CUSTODY)
AUSA: Neal Hong / DEF: Ellen Leonida
Status Conference (Reptr)
3:18-cr-00165-CRB - USA v. Ajahni Sotelo
Status Conference (Reptr)
Friday, Jun 29 2018
3:17-cv-05871-CRB - Moralez v. Mi Pueblo Newco, LLC et al
Initial Case Mgmt Conference
3:16-cv-00241-CRB - Oswald v. Humphreys, et al
Motion to Amend/Correct
Motion to Intervene
3:18-cv-01302-CRB - Kass v. County of Alameda, et al.,
Motion to Dismiss
Friday, Jul 6 2018
3:11-cr-00795-CRB-1 - USA v. Gary Anderson
AUSA: Andrew Mast/DEF: Gregory E. Goldberg, Ismail Ramsey /Prob:
Tuesday, Jul 10 2018
3:11-cr-00796-CRB-1 - USA v. Patrick Michael Campion
AUSA: Albert Sambat / DEF: Julia Jayne/Prob: Aakash Raju
3:11-cr-00802-CRB-1 - USA v. Henri Pessah
AUSA: E. Patchen / DEF: Britt Evangelist/Prob: Aakash Raju
Wednesday, Jul 11 2018
3:14-cr-00196-CRB-3 - USA v. George Nieh (Mandarin)
AUSA: William Frentzen, Susan Badger and Waqar Hasib / DEF: Gilbert Eisenberg/Prob: Jill Spitalieri
3:14-cr-00489-CRB-1 - USA v. Joaquin Chavez-Navarro (Spanish)
AUSA: Matthew McCarthy / DEF: Charles Woodson
Status Conference (Reptr)
3:16-cr-00171-CRB-1 - USA v. Parnian Djafarzadeh
AUSA: Thomas Moore / DEF: Elizabeth Falk/Prob:
Change of Plea Hearing
3:16-cr-00479-CRB-1 - USA v. Jocelyn Kirsch
AUSA: Katherine Wawrzyniak / DEF: Doron Weinberg/Prob: Jennifer James
Status Conference re Sentencing
3:17-cr-00353-CRB-1 - USA v. Alberto Garcia Andrade
AUSA: Brian Faerstein / DEF: Deborah Levine/Prob: Aakash Raju
3:17-cr-00485-CRB-1 - USA v. Jocelyn Sarah Kirsch
AUSA: Randall Leonard / DEF: Doron Weinberg/Prob: Jennifer James
Status Conference re Sentencing
3:18-cr-00160-CRB - USA v. Sadr Emad-Vaez
Status Conference (Reptr)
3:18-cr-00160-CRB - USA v. Pouran Aazad
Status Conference (Reptr)
3:18-cr-00160-CRB - USA v. Hassan Moshir-Fatemi
Status Conference (Reptr)
3:18-cr-00238-CRB - USA v. John Morrison
Status Conference (Reptr)
Thursday, Jul 12 2018
3:17-cr-00044-CRB-1 - USA v. Wen Bing Lei (CUSTODY)(Cantonese)
AUSA: William Frentzen / DEF: Mark Vermeulen
Status Conference (Reptr)
Friday, Jul 13 2018
- Judge Unavailable - All Day
Wednesday, Jul 18 2018
3:17-cr-00176-CRB-1 - USA v. Subhash Jay
AUSA: Michael Pitman / DEF: Brian Getz
3:17-cr-00605-CRB-1 - USA v. John Bryan Murphy (CUSTODY)
AUSA: Robert Rees / DEF: Geoffrey Hansen/Prob: Jill Spitalieri
Sentencing - To be continued
3:18-cr-00106-CRB-1 - USA v. Kenyonna Farr (CUSTODY)
AUSA: Shiao Lee / DEF: Geoffrey Hansen
Change of Plea Hearing
3:07-cr-00057-CRB-1 - USA v. Willie Beasley
AUSA: Waqar Hasib/DEF: Brendan Hickey/Prob: Kevin Maynor
Status Conference re Supervised Release Violation
3:08-cr-00829-CRB-1 - USA v. Shameka Anderson
AUSA: Matthew McCarthy / DEF: Daniel Blank/Prob: Mark Unalp
Initial re Supervised Release Violation
3:10-cr-00686-CRB-1 - USA v. Reshana Nolen (CUSTODY)
AUSA: Christopher Vieira / DEF: Paul Demeester
Sentencing Hrg re Supervised Release
3:10-cr-00784-CRB-1 - USA v. Delvon Lewis (CUSTODY)
AUSA: Philip Kopczynski / DEF: Candis Mitchell/Prob: Mark Unalp
Status Conference re Supervised Release Violation Hearing
3:13-cr-00328-CRB-1 - USA v. Howard Dixon (CUSTODY)
AUSA: Adam Wright / DEF: Elizabeth Falk / Prob: Mark Unalp
Status Conference re Supervised Release Hearing
3:13-cr-00630-CRB-1 - USA v. Janelyn Dasig (CUSTODY)
AUSA: Ann Lucas / DEF: Elizabeth Falk/Prob: Jennifer Hutchings
Status Conference re Supervised Release Violation Hearing
3:14-cr-00095-CRB-1 - USA v. Shameka Latrease Anderson
AUSA: Katherine Lloyd-Lovett / DEF: Joyce Leavitt/Prob: Mark Unlap
Status Conference re Supervised Release Violation
3:17-cr-00265-CRB-1 - USA v. Lawrence Gilbert (CUSTODY)
AUSA: Ravi Narayan / DEF: Geoffrey Hansen
Change of Plea Hearing
3:17-cr-00259-CRB-2 - USA v. Ryan Michael Spencer (CUSTODY)
AUSA: Julie Garcia / DEF: Christopher Parkhurst
Status Conference (Reptr)
3:17-cr-00475-CRB-1 - USA v. Jordan McChrystal Bell
AUSA: Nikhil Bhagat / DEF: Kenneth Wine
Status Conference re Post Plea
3:18-cr-00032-CRB - USA v. Renee Klionsky
Status Conference (Reptr)
3:18-cr-00107-CRB - USA v. Gayle Hart
Status Conference (Reptr)
3:18-cr-00214-CRB - USA v. Francisco Palomino
Status Conference (Reptr)
Friday, Jul 20 2018
3:18-cv-00886-CRB - Yates v. International House of Pancakes, LLC et al
Initial Case Mgmt Conference
3:18-cv-02235-CRB - Sanrio Co. Ltd. et al v. ooShirts Inc. et al
Initial Case Mgmt Conference
3:18-cv-02406-CRB - Amey v. State of California et al
Initial Case Mgmt Conference
3:17-cr-00186-CRB-2 - USA v. Lucio Perez (CUSTODY)(Spanish)
AUSA: Helen Gilbert / DEF: Mark Vermeulen/Prob:
Thursday, Jul 26 2018
- Judge Unavailable - All Day
Monday, Jul 30 2018
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HONORABLE CHARLES R. BREYER                                                      Courtroom 6, 17th Floor    San Francisco, CA

Case Management ConferencesFriday 8:30 a.m.
Civil Law and Motions:  Friday 10:00 a.m.  
Criminal Calendar:  Wednesday at 10:00 a.m. Sentencing and 1:30 p.m.
 for all other matters
Pre Trial Conference: Tuesday or Thursday 2:30 p.m.
Trials: Mon, Tues, Thurs 9:00 am. to 4:00 pm.; Wed 9:00 am. to 1:30 p.m.

Effective January 1, 2017, Judge Breyer’s weekly criminal law and motion calendar are on Wednesdays at 1:30 p.m. for both in and out of custody defendants. Sentencing hearings will remain on Wednesdays at 10:00 a.m.

Judge Breyer does not issue tentative rulings.

In all "E-Filing" cases, in addition to filing papers electronically, the parties are required to provide chambers a paper copy of each document that is electronically filed no later than noon the day following the date document was electronically filed. Note: These deadlines differ from those in Civil Local Rule 5-1(e)(7)(A).  These printed copies must be marked "Chambers Copy", and must be delivered to the Clerk's Office, in an envelope clearly marked with the judge's name, case number, and "Chambers Copy-Do Not File."

Hearing dates may be continued pursuant to stipulation and order (Civil Local Rule 6-2) conforming to Civil Local Rule 7-12 or by motion (Civil Local Rule 6-3).

All Proposed Orders MUST be submitted in Word format to Judge Breyer's proposed order email address at


Tuesday, April 10 through Thursday, April 12

May 2nd unavailable at Noon

May 14th (unavailable all day) through May 15th (available at Noon)

May 16th unavailable at Noon

Wednesday, May 30 through Friday, June 1

June 6th unavailable at Noon

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July 11th unavailable at Noon

July 13, 2018

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Wednesday, September 26 through Friday, September 28

Monday, October 29 through Wednesday, October 31

Tuesday, November 13 through Thursday, November 15

Wednesday, November 28 through Friday, November 30

Tuesday, December 11 through Thursday, December 13

All Counsel are hereby given notice that they may, if urgency requires, request a hearing on any case assigned to Judge Charles R. Breyer, before the General Duty Judge pursuant to Civil Local Rule 7-1(c).

Courtroom Deputy,
Lashanda Scott