United States District Court - Northern District Court of California

Phyllis J. Hamilton, Chief Judge

Susan Y. Soong, Clerk of Court

Legal Help Center Templates & Packets

The templates and packets on this page have been developed for people without lawyers by the Justice & Diversity Center (JDC); the JDC templates are organized into packets that include instructions.

  • The Legal Help Centers have available many additional templates that are not posted here. You are encouraged to visit the Legal Help Centers for legal advice, for assistance with templates and to obtain additional templates.
  • A selection of official court forms often used by people without lawyers is at the bottom of this page. To view all official court forms used in civil cases of all kinds, visit the Civil Forms page.
  • Official court forms for prisoners are listed on the Forms for Prisoners page. 
  • The Court's Pro Se Handbook provides an overview of procedures in this federal court and provides some context for understanding how and when the templates on this page are used: view Pro Se Handbook

Legal Help Center Templates & Packets

Answer packet (.pdf, 165 KB) (respond to a lawsuit) Rev. 9/3/2015
Blank Declaration (.doc, 45 KB) Rev. 9/3/2015
Blank Pleading Paper (.doc, 41 KB) Rev. 5/26/2015
Case Management Statement packet (.pdf, 757 KB) (must be submitted before you attend your Case Management Conference) Rev. 6/25/2014
Certificate of Service for Non-Pleadings (.doc, 36 KB) Rev. 3/28/2012
Complaint Packet (.pdf, 200 KB) (to start a lawsuit) Rev. 7/24/2013
Initial Disclosures packet (.pdf, 338 KB) (exchange initial information with the other parties in the lawsuit) Rev. 7/24/2013
Interrogatory packet (.pdf, 125 KB) (to request answers from another party to questions that you have regarding the lawsuit) Rev. 3/19/2014
Motion for Permission for Electronic Case Filing and Proposed Order (.pdf, 67 KB)  (request permission from the Court to use the electronic filing system to file documents in your case) Rev. 9/7/2011
Motion packet (.pdf, 412 KB) (ask the court to do something, for example: dismiss the complaint) Rev. 7/24/2013
Opposition to Motion for Summary Judgment (.pdf, 276 KB) (challenge another party's motion for summary judgment) Rev. 5/26/2015
Opposition to Motion packet (.pdf, 346 KB) (if you want to oppose another party's motion, for example a motion to dismiss your case) Rev. 7/24/2013
Reply Brief packet (.pdf, 91 KB) (after the other side has opposed your motion, use this form for further support of your motion) Rev. 12/27/2013
Request for Documents packet (.pdf, 617 KB) (request documents from other parties in the lawsuit) Rev. 12/20/2013
Request to Continue Hearing or Deadline for Filing packet (.pdf, 602 KB) (ask the court to change a hearing date or ask for an extension, for example: to file a document that is due) Rev. 12/4/2013
Voluntary dismissal packet (.pdf, 90 KB) (to voluntarily dismiss your case if you are the plaintiff) Rev. 9/25/2014

Official Court Forms