United States District Court - Northern District Court of California

Phyllis J. Hamilton, Chief Judge

Richard W. Wieking, Clerk of Court

Courtroom Technology

Sound Systems

All courtrooms are equipped with state-of-the-art sound systems which include:

  • Full room-wide public address (PA) system
  • Wireless microphone for jury selection
  • Hearing impaired/interpreter infrared headphones
  • Jury masking system for sidebar conferences
  • Teleconferencing
  • Realtime translation court reporter transcript distributor

Evidence Presentation

Some of the courtrooms are wired for evidence-presentation. For traditional courtrooms, attorneys may either reserve one of the court's portable media carts equipped with evidence presentation equipment or provide their own equipment. See the charts on this page for details regarding a particular courtroom.

Evidence-Presentation-Ready ("Wired") Courtrooms

These courtrooms are equipped with:

Traditional Courtrooms

Traditional courtrooms (those that are not yet wired for evidence presentation) do not have dedicated evidence-presentation monitors at the bench, counsel tables, jury box or witness stand. In San Francisco and Oakland, counsel may contact the courtroom deputy to reserve one of the court's portable media carts. These include:

  • Document camera
  • Microphone usable with the courtroom public address system
  • Audio and video inputs for laptop-based presentations
  • Annotation monitor (displays the image from the laptop or camera, and allows annotation of the image)
  • DVD/CD player
  • VHS player

Counsel must be prepared to provide their own evidence presentation equipment if they are not able to reserve a portable media cart and to provide back-up equipment in the event of equipment malfunction.

San Francisco Courtrooms
Courtroom Judge Wired
Courtroom A · 15th Floor Mag. Judge Nathanael Cousins  No
Courtroom B · 15th Floor Chief Mag. Judge Maria-Elena James No
Courtroom C · 15th Floor Mag. Judge Laurel Beeler No
Courtroom D · 15th Floor As Assigned No
Courtroom E · 15th Floor Mag. Judge Elizabeth D. Laporte No
Courtroom F · 15th Floor Mag. Judge Jaqueline Scott Corley No
Courtroom G · 15th Floor Mag. Judge Joseph C. Spero No
Courtroom 1 · 17th Floor Sr. Dist. Judge Samuel Conti Yes
Courtroom 2 · 17th Floor Sr. Dist. Judge Thelton E. Henderson & Dist. Judge Orrick No
Courtroom 3 · 17th Floor Dist. Judge Richard Seeborg Yes
Courtroom 4 · 17th Floor Dist. Judge Vince G. Chhabria Yes
Courtroom 5 · 17th Floor Dist. Judge Edward M. Chen Yes
Courtroom 6 · 17th Floor Sr. Dist. Judge Charles R. Breyer Yes
Courtroom 14 · 18th Floor As Assigned No
Courtroom 15 · 18th Floor As Assigned Yes
Courtroom 7 · 19th Floor Sr. Dist. Judge Maxine M. Chesney Yes
Courtroom 8 · 19th Floor Dist. Judge William H. Alsup Yes
Courtroom 9 · 19th Floor Dist. Judge Jon S. Tigar No
Courtroom 10 · 19th Floor Dist. Judge Susan Illston Yes
Courtroom 11 · 19th Floor Dist. Judge James J. Donato Yes
Courtroom 12 · 19th Floor Sr. Dist. Judge Thelton E. Henderson Yes
Ceremonial · 19th Floor As Assigned No
San Jose Courtrooms
Courtroom Judge Wired
Courtroom 1 · 5th Floor As Assigned Yes
Courtroom 2 · 5th Floor Mag. Judge Howard R. Lloyd No
Courtroom 3 · 5th Floor Dist. Judge Beth L. Freeman Yes
Courtroom 4 · 5th Floor Dist. Judge Edward J. Davila No
Courtroom 5 · 4th Floor Mag. Judge Paul S. Grewal No
Courtroom 6 · 4th Floor Sr. Judge Ronald M. Whyte No
Courtroom 7 · 4th Floor Sr. Judge D. Lowell Jensen No
Courtroom 8 · 4th Floor Dist. Judge Lucy H. Koh No
Oakland Courtrooms
Courtroom Judge Wired
Courtroom 1 · 4th Floor Dist. Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers No
Courtroom 2 · 4th Floor Chief Dist. Judge Claudia Wilken Yes
Courtroom 3 · 3rd Floor Dist. Judge Phyllis J. Hamilton Yes
Courtroom 4 · 3rd Floor Mag. Judge Donna M. Ryu & Mag. Judge Kandis A. Westmore No
Courtroom 5 · 2nd Floor Dist. Judge Jeffrey S. White Yes
Courtroom As Assigned Sr. Dist. Judge Saundra Brown Armstrong

Eureka-McKinleyville Courtrooms
Courtroom Judge Wired
Courtroom 1 Mag. Judge Nandor J. Vadas Yes



Connecting a laptop to the evidence presentation system.

It is always good practice to be familiar with, and to fully test, all equipment prior to using it in the courtroom, so please test the audio and video outputs of your equipment at your office or home.

  1. Connect the provided 15-pin VGA cable at the counsel table to your laptop's VGA port.
    PLEASE NOTE: The court can only provide a VGA connection. If you need DVI, HDMI or any other type of video connection, you must provide your own adapter.
  2. Connect the audio cable plug into the laptop's headphone jack (usually marked with a headset icon).

  3. Turn laptop on last, then make sure your laptop display resolution is set to
    1024 x 768.
  4. The Courtroom Deputy will select your table to test that your laptop is projecting to the court’s monitors properly.

If your laptop display does not appear on the courtroom screens:

  1. Use the laptop keys to toggle the external display – usually by pressing and holding the "Fn" key down, then momentarily pressing the Display Key. The Display Key is usually the F8 or F5 key, or whichever key is marked with "VGA/LCD" or a monitor logo. As you press the Display Key again, most laptops will cycle between displaying on the laptop screen, then the external screen, then both.

    Please note that the display/monitor key may vary by manufacturer, so check your owner's manual.
  2. Check that the VGA cable is securely connected to the laptop’s VGA port.
  3. Your laptop screen resolution must be set to 1024 x 768. No other resolution is compatible.