Newly-Filed Case Feed

Case Date Nature of Suit Case Title Case Number Judge Filed
1/23/2017 Civil (CANO-14-(830)Patent) Grecia v. Target Corporation 3:17-cv-00323 JCS In San Francisco on 1/23/2017
2/01/2017 Civil (CANO-14-(830)Patent) Xilinx, Inc. v. Godo Kaisha IP Bridge 1 3:17-cv-00509 JCS In San Francisco on 2/01/2017
2/09/2017 Civil (CANO-14-(830)Patent) Tyger Manufacturing, LLC -v- Dharm Chadha 3:17-cv-00650 JCS In San Francisco on 2/09/2017
2/16/2017 Civil (CANO-14-(830)Patent) Godo Kaisha IP Bridge 1 v. OmniVision Technologies, Inc. 3:17-cv-00778 JSC In San Francisco on 2/16/2017
2/17/2017 Civil (CANO-14-(830)Patent) Lagree Technologies, Inc. et al v. Spartacus 20th L.P. et al 3:17-cv-00795 JCS In San Francisco on 2/17/2017
1/18/2017 Civil (CANO-15-(850)Securities CLASS ACTION) Mathew v. Brocade Communications Systems, Inc. et al :17-cv-00237 HSG In San Francisco on 1/18/2017
1/24/2017 Civil (CANO-15-(850)Securities CLASS ACTION) Mark Madrack v. Yahoo! Inc. et al 5:17-cv-00373 LHK In on 1/24/2017
1/24/2017 Civil (CANO-15-(850)Securities CLASS ACTION) Rolland v. ReWalk Robotics, Ltd. et al :17-cv-00362 HSG In Oakland on 1/24/2017
1/27/2017 Civil (CANO-15-(850)Securities CLASS ACTION) Joseph Rodriguez v. Gigamon Inc. et al 5:17-cv-00434 EJD In on 1/27/2017
1/30/2017 Civil (CANO-15-(850)Securities CLASS ACTION) Badger v. Natus Medical Incorporated et al 3:17-cv-00458 JSW In San Francisco on 1/30/2017
2/02/2017 Civil (CANO-15-(850)Securities CLASS ACTION) City of Miami General Employees' & Sanitation Employees' Retirement Trust v. RH, Inc. et al 4:17-cv-00554 YGR In on 2/02/2017
2/13/2017 Civil (CANO-15-(850)Securities CLASS ACTION) Clevlen v. Anthera Pharmaceuticals, Inc. et al 3:17-cv-00715 RS In San Francisco on 2/13/2017
2/02/2017 Civil (CANO-2255) Toussaint v. United States of America 4:17-cv-00552 CW In Oakland on 2/02/2017
2/03/2017 Civil (CANO-2255) Mitchell v. USA 4:17-cv-00591 PJH In Oakland on 2/03/2017
2/14/2017 Civil (CANO-2255) Yamaguchi v. USA 5:17-cv-00786 BLF In San Jose on 2/14/2017
2/17/2017 Civil (CANO-2255) Roberson v. United States of America 4:17-cv-00819 SBA In Oakland on 2/17/2017
1/19/2017 Civil (SF/OK- 1-Contract) Fast Trak Investment Company, LLC v. Richard P. Sax 4:17-cv-00257 KAW In San Francisco on 1/19/2017
1/20/2017 Civil (SF/OK- 1-Contract) Insight Global, LLC v. Beacon Hill Staffing Group, LLC 3:17-cv-00309 LB In San Francisco on 1/20/2017
1/20/2017 Civil (SF/OK- 1-Contract) Travelers Indemnity Company et al v. Premier Organics, Inc. 3:17-cv-00302 LB In Oakland on 1/20/2017
1/23/2017 Civil (SF/OK- 1-Contract) Barbata, Jr. v. Audi of America, LLC et al 3:17-cv-00324 CRB In San Francisco on 1/23/2017