United States District Court - Northern District Court of California

Phyllis J. Hamilton, Chief Judge

Susan Y. Soong, Clerk of Court

Newly-Filed Case Feed

Case Date Nature of Suit Case Title Case Number Judge Filed
11/06/2015 Civil(CANO-6-Prisoner Habeas Corpus-463,530) (HC) Jacobs v. Unknown 5:15-cv-05046 HRL In San Francisco on 11/06/2015
11/10/2015 Civil (SF/OK-99-Other) A WHITE AND YELLOW CAB, INC. v. UBER TECHNOLOGIES, INC. et al 4:15-cv-05163 KAW In on 11/10/2015
11/03/2015 Civil (SF/OK- 3-Personal Injury) A.D. et al v. Marin Healthcare District et al 3:15-cv-05036 EDL In San Francisco on 11/03/2015
11/23/2015 Civil (SJ- 8-Labor) Abdo v. Lincoln National Life Insurance Company et al 5:15-cv-05359 HRL In San Francisco on 11/23/2015
11/06/2015 Civil (CANO-2255) Abpikar v. USA 5:15-cv-05104 RMW In San Jose on 11/06/2015
11/24/2015 Civil (SJ- 5-Civil Rights) Acosta et al v. City of Salinas 5:15-cv-05415 PSG In San Francisco on 11/24/2015
11/03/2015 Civil (CANO- 9-Property Rights (820/840)) Adobe Systems Incorporated v. Last Chance Buys, Inc. et al 3:15-cv-05038 LB In San Francisco on 11/03/2015
11/09/2015 Civil (CANO- 9-Property Rights (820/840)) Al Jazeera Media Network v. Elsherif 5:15-cv-05139 PSG In San Francisco on 11/09/2015
11/09/2015 Civil (CANO- 9-Property Rights (820/840)) Align Technology, Inc v. Market America, Inc. et al 4:15-cv-05125 DMR In San Francisco on 11/09/2015
11/13/2015 Civil (SF/OK-99-Other) Almutarreb et al v. Homeloan Corporation et al 4:15-cv-05207 DMR In San Francisco on 11/13/2015
11/09/2015 Civil (SJ-99-Other) Alves v. Experian Information Solutions, Inc. et al 5:15-cv-05129 HRL In San Francisco on 11/09/2015
11/23/2015 Civil (SF/OK- 1-Contract) American General Life Insurance Company v. Campbell 3:15-cv-05351 JSC In Oakland on 11/23/2015
11/09/2015 Civil (SF/OK- 5-Civil Rights) Anderson et al v. Dooley :15-cv-05120 HSG In San Francisco on 11/09/2015
11/04/2015 Civil (SF/OK- 1-Contract) Andrea Ball v. Sun Life Assurance Company of Canada 3:15-cv-05049 SK In San Francisco on 11/04/2015
11/05/2015 Civil (SF/OK-99-Other) Animal Legal Defense Fund v. United States Department of Agriculture et al 4:15-cv-05063 KAW In on 11/05/2015
11/09/2015 Civil (SF/OK-99-Other) Apostol v. BMW Financial Services NA, LLC 3:15-cv-05137 JSC In San Francisco on 11/09/2015
11/12/2015 Civil (SF/OK- 2-Real Property) Aquino et al v. U.S. Bank National Association et al 3:15-cv-05181 JCS In Oakland on 11/12/2015
11/18/2015 Civil (SF/OK- 5-Civil Rights) Aquino v. Toyota Motor Sales USA, Inc. 3:15-cv-05281 JCS In Oakland on 11/18/2015
11/24/2015 Civil (SF/OK-10-Anti-Trust) Associated Grocers, Inc. v. Tri-Union Seafoods, LLC et al 3:15-cv-05371 LB In Oakland on 11/24/2015
11/09/2015 Civil (SF/OK- 1-Contract) Atain Specialty Insurance Company v. Armory Studios, LLC et al 3:15-cv-05124 MEJ In on 11/09/2015