United States District Court - Northern District Court of California

Phyllis J. Hamilton, Chief Judge

Richard W. Wieking, Clerk of Court

Printing Timeslips Bills Sorted By CJA Categories

Through Version 8.0

  1. In order to sort your Timeslips bill by CJA categories, you must first have programmed Timeslips to use the CJA categories. (Some of the preprogrammed default categories in Timeslips are already the same as the CJA categories, but not all of them).You can create new categories as follows: from the Timeslips Navigator, click “Activity” on the baron top of the Navigator box; then click either “New Time Activity” or “New Expense.” This will call up a dialog box in which you give the new category a Nickname (presumably the same as the CJA category–suchas “Legal Research and Brief Writing”). Whatever nickname you give the new category will appear on your future bills and summary reports.
  2. Create the bills as follows: from the Timeslips Navigator, click “Bill Cycle” , then “Generate Bills.” After selecting the usual options (client name, date range if other than the default–which is from the last bill for this client to today–etc.), click “Sort.” The dialogue box will probably have a default setting, which on tester's computer was originally as follows:
Sort By Order Subtotals
Start Date Ascending No
Start Date Ascending No

This default setting gives you a strictly chronological bill for each client, with hours and expenses arranged by start date rather than categories.

To change this, highlight the “Start Date” line, click “Insert,” and use the drop down menus at the bottom under these three headings to create the following settings:

Sort By Order Subtotals
Client Ascending No
Activity Ascending Yes
Start Date Ascending No

This will give you a bill for each client that is sorted by categories first, with hours and expenses within each category arranged by start date.

When you have it right, click “Accept' and save the new setting by clicking “Save As.” That will call up a dialogue box entitled “Save Screen As a Template” which asks you to name that type of bill. The tester named it “CJA Bill by Category” and named the previous chronological setting as “Regular Bill.”

When you next print a bill, if you do not want it in the form of whatever the default setting is (which is shown on the initial “Bills and Worksheets” dialogue box that you always start with when printing a bill), do the following: After making all your usual selections click “Sort”: For the dialogue box that appears click “Retrieve” and select the type of bill (e.g., “CJA Bill By Category” or “Regular Bill”) that you want printed out.

Note: After the tester made all these changes the sorting default changed itself to “None–By Slip Number” each time the Timeslips program was launched. This is obviously not useful, so once you have come this far, you will have to select the type of bill sorting you want from the “saved” menu each time you want to view or print a bill in the future. If there is a way to make one of the saved categories the default, it was not discovered.

Version 9.0

  1. Control B will bring up the billing screen.
  2. Click on “Generate Bills.”
  3. Select the client as is always done.
  4. Click on “Sorting”
  5. Single Client on the word “Client.” This will bring down a menu of choices.
  6. Click Activity.
  7. Right below is a box. Click “Full Name.”
  8. Lower left click “Add.”
  9. On the right next to Client Name, change the subtotal from Yes to No.
  10. Print Report.

Version 10.5

  1. Click on “Names” which is the fifth item on the top of your screen.
  2. Highlight “TASK INFO” and click one time.
  3. On the upper left there is a yellow + sign. Click on that one time.
  4. Now type the CJA Category like “16a Interview”
  5. On the far right hit there is that same yellow + sign that you already clicked on. (Don't click it) Look underneath that yellow plus sign. There is a square picture of a floppy disk. Click one time on this. (This is the box that saves your work).
  6. A new screen will appear and it will allow you to enter information in the box marked “Name”. Unless you want to put more detailed information than “16a Interview” (and there is no reason to put any more info) just leave it blank.
  7. Click your “TAB” key 3 times.
  8. Your computer cursor will now be in the box titled “RATE”. Type the CJA hourly rate.
  9. Now look below the rate you entered. Four lines down there is a box titled “Bill Status”. You want the normal bill status to be “Billable”.
  10. There is an downward pointing arrow next to the “Bill Status” box. Click one time on that arrow.
  11. Move the mouse so that the word “billable” is highlighted and then click one time. The word billable will now be displayed
  12. Look to your far right and click the square picture of a floppy disk (the save icon). It is on the far right and as always, it is under the yellow plus sign to save.

10.5 instructions graciously provided by Daniel Horowitz, Esq