United States v. Elizabeth A. Holmes



Notice regarding press and public access to jury trial proceedings:

  • The jury trial in this case will take place in Judge Davila’s courtroom. 
  • There will be no live remote public access (e.g., telephone or Zoom) to jury trial proceedings in this case.
  • An overflow room will be available in the San Jose courthouse for additional viewing and listening to live jury trial proceedings.
  • Public seating in the courtroom and overflow room will be first-come, first-served.  There will be no reserved seating for the media.
  • Courtroom doors will open at 9:00 a.m. each morning of trial.  The San Jose courthouse building opens at 7:30 a.m.  A waiting area and queue will be set up in the hallway outside of the courtroom for spectators who arrive early.  
  • Courtroom spectators who anticipate needing to leave the courtroom prior to recesses (e.g., to make phone calls), or who will be typing notes or real-time reporting are asked to sit in the back rows of the gallery, near the courtroom doors.
  • Electronic devices will be permitted for note-taking or live text-based reporting.  Keyboards must be touchscreen-functioned, or otherwise silent. 
  • Any photography, audio or video recording, telephone calls, or live audio or video transmission inside the courtroom is absolutely prohibited. 
  • Some pretrial hearings in this case may be held by teleconference or by Zoom Webinar videoconference.  Call-in or login information is available on the PACER docket, on the judge’s calendar, or by emailing

For teleconferences:  please call in at least 5 minutes before the hearing is scheduled to begin, make sure your phone is muted, and stay on the line for the entire hearing so that the proceedings are not disrupted.

For videoconferences: see the court’s instructions on observing a Zoom Webinar as a non-participating “Attendee.”

Important: any recording, copying, or rebroadcasting of a remote court hearing is absolutely prohibited.  See General Order 58 and the court’s Notice Regarding Press and Public Access to Court Hearings.

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Due to the level of interest in this case, this web page has been created to notify journalists and interested members of the public of important news and information about access to proceedings and to case information.

General Court Information

About This Case

This is a Multi District Litigation (MDL) case involving the role of McKinsey & Co., Inc., in providing advice to opioid manufacturers in the sale of prescription opioid drugs.  Plaintiffs in this case are cities, counties, tribal governments, and other entities alleging various claims against McKinsey, including public nuisance, negligence, fraud, unjust enrichment, violation of consumer protection statutes, and federal RICO claims.

Certain pretrial orders are available for download without charge below. All other documents may be viewed/downloaded via the PACER system. To sign up for email alerts when a new document is filed, you may open an account with this Court’s ECF system, then sign up for notices of electronic filing.  

Upcoming Proceedings & Deadlines:
DateProceeding or DeadlineCourtroom (If Applicable)
07/29/2021 10:00 AMStatus Conferencesee Judge’s Calendar

Selected case documents of special interest:


Docket NumberFiling Date
Consent Order of Transferee Court 06/01/2021
Transfer Order 106/08/2021
Conditional Transfer Order (CTO-1)4206/16/2021
Pretrial Order No. 15606/25/2021