Important Things to Know Before Ordering A Transcript

Please read these important facts carefully before ordering a transcript and refer to the maximum transcript rate page. For more information, please contact the court reporter supervisor for the division where the case is pending (SF, OAK, SJ).

Estimating transcript costs.

A rule of thumb is that one minute of court time equals one page of transcript. To obtain an estimate before ordering a transcript, email the court reporter. (All contact regarding estimates and ordering must be in writing, so please email — do not phone.


Transcript preparation and delivery times will not begin until payment has been satisfied with the court reporter (e.g. receipt of a deposit check).

All transcripts (except sealed transcripts) are e-filed on CM/ECF within three working days after delivery to a party and are locked for 90 days. The court reporter provides the ordering party with access to the e-filed transcript at no additional cost (except the PACER fee). During the 90-day locked period, the public may read the transcript at the Clerk’s Office front counter or may purchase a copy from the court reporter. After 90 days, anyone may download the certified transcript from CM/ECF, paying only the PACER fee.

“Certified” Transcripts.

Any transcript purchased from a court reporter or downloaded from CM/ECF or PACER is a certified copy.

First Transcript Order For A Proceeding.

The first party to order a transcript pays the “original” rate and has a choice in delivery times, which vary in cost. View transcript pricing explanation & examples.

Ordering A Copy.

If the transcript has already been ordered by another party, then you pay only the “copy” rate and you have a choice in delivery times, which vary in cost. View transcript pricing explanation & examples.

Formats Available.

When ordering transcripts, you have a choice of transcript formats. If you choose more than one transcript format, you will be charged a fee for each additional copy. View transcript pricing explanation & examples.