ADR Phone Conferences


A phone conference may be scheduled with a member of the ADR Program’s legal staff to assist in the selection or customization of a ADR process, or to address another case management topic relating to ADR.


ADR Phone Conferences are governed by ADR Local Rule 3-6 (revised May 1, 2018):

3-6. ADR Phone Conference

An ADR Phone Conference conducted by a member of the ADR legal staff may be set to assist the parties or the assigned Judge in selecting or customizing an ADR process, in aid of the administration of a case that has been referred to an ADR process, or as otherwise directed by the Court. An ADR Phone Conference may be set at the request of the parties on the form established for that purpose by the Court, by referral from the assigned Judge, or at the initiative of the ADR legal staff. Unless otherwise specified in the order referring the matter for an ADR Phone Conference or the Notice Setting ADR Phone Conference, the following procedures shall apply:

  1. (a) Participants. Counsel who will be primarily responsible for handling the trial of the matter must participate in the conference. Clients and their insurance carriers may participate as well. Counsel may request an in-person ADR conference at the Court in lieu of the phone conference by calling the ADR Unit.
  2. (b) Participation in the Conference Call. For the convenience of the parties, the Court provides a dial-in conference line for all ADR phone conferences. Unless otherwise directed, counsel should reserve one half-hour for each such conference call.
  3. (c) Preparation. Before the phone conference, counsel are expected to have complied with ADR L.R. 3-5(a) and (b).
  4. (d) Request to Continue the ADR Phone Conference. Requests to continue the ADR Phone Conference must be directed to the ADR Unit at (415) 522-2199 or
  5. (e) Confidentiality. Absent express agreement to the contrary, ADR phone conferences are not confidential. ADR legal staff may report their impressions and make recommendations to the assigned Judge following the phone conference.

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