Costs of Interpreters, Court Reporters, Videographers at Deposition

Payments to Vendors

Payments to vendors incurred in the taking of fact witness depositions (notary fees, interpreters, transcripts, etc.) are the responsibility of the Department of Justice (DOJ), regardless of which party requested the deposition. Guide to Judiciary Policies and Procedures, Vol. 7, § 320.40 (…).

  1. Requests to compensate necessary service providers such as court reporters, transcriptionists, videographers, interpreters, notaries, etc., must be made to the U.S. Marshal Service.
  2. Vendor payments are made via direct deposit, so in order to receive funds, each vendor must be registered with the System for Award Management (SAM)(…). Once registered, the vendor must submit the invoice for services, along with the DUNS number (from the SAM registration) to CJA via appointed counsel. Appointed counsel should include a copy of the subpoena/proof of service before submitting the package to CJA.
  3. If appointed counsel has advanced a deposit to a vendor (some reporters require payment before release of transcript) appointed counsel is the payee, and must also register with SAM, then submit the DUNS number, the vendor invoice, and his credit card statement or canceled check (front and back).