Travel Instructions

CJA Ex Parte Travel Request and Order Information

NOTE:  The United States Marshals Service — not CJA — is responsible for costs associated with the transportation of fact witnesses and defendants. Please see The Public Defender’s Handbook ( for more information.

Important! Approval must be obtained prior to travel.

  • Download and fill in the CJA Travel Request & Authorization (.pdf).
  • Contact National Travel (NT) at 1-800-445-0668, 24/7, to reserve your airline ticket at the government rate. National Travel will give you the cost that you should fill in on the CJA Travel Request & Authorization (.pdf) under Airline Fare. If National Travel is not used to obtain your airline ticket, reimbursement is limited to the authorized government rate.
  • You can also obtain car rental reservations through National Travel. They will give you the cost to fill in on the CJA Travel Request & Authorization (.pdf) under Rental Car/Daily Rate.
  • To obtain the per diem rate for a certain destination for daily lodging and meals, please visit the U.S. General Services Administration website ( …). Click on the map for your travel destination. (If neither the city nor the county is listed on the per diem listing, it is considered a standard CONUS destination and the daily per diem rate will be $99.00.) The per diem rate should be filled in on the Travel Request and Order form under Per Diem Rate for Destination along with the number of days.
  • Complete the CJA Travel Request & Authorization (.pdf) with all other information and fax it to the CJA Unit for processing to obtain approval. Our fax number is 415-522-4086.