Request for Certificate of Good Standing

Under Civil Local Rule 11-1(f), any member in good standing of the bar of this court may obtain a Certificate of Good Standing by presenting a written request to the Clerk of Court and paying the prescribed fee.  Requests may be submitted through the court’s Electronic Case Filing (ECF) system, by email, or by regular mail.

Counsel may request a certificate through the court’s Electronic Case Filing (ECF) system as follows:

Step One: log into ECF.  Click on the “Civil” menu, then click on “Attorney Admissions.”  Select the event “Request Certificate of Good Standing” and click “Submit.”

Step Two: enter the requesting attorney’s name, state bar number, and other required information.  Then click “Submit.”

Step Three: Click “Submit.”

Step Four: select either (1) “I have already paid the filing fee” or (2) “I have not yet paid the filing fee and would like to proceed using”  Then click “Submit” to either submit an already-paid request, or to make an online payment at

Alternatively, counsel may submit the completed request form and current fee:

(1) by email to; or

(2) by mail to the following address:

Clerk of the Court
United States District Court
450 Golden Gate Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94102