Career Opportunities

(For all Northern California court locations)

Thank you for your interest in the United States District Court for the Northern District of California. The court seeks to promote diversity in the workplace and to create an environment that embraces and celebrates differences among gender, age, ethnic origins, different abilities and races.

Watch a video ( . . .) on working for the Federal Judiciary.

The first step in beginning your career search with the federal judiciary is to look for open jobs that match your skills, qualifications, and interests. Each posting includes a description of the position and the minimum required qualifications. Once you find a position of interest, visit "How to Apply" on "The Application Process" page.

Current Career Opportunities

Closing Date
Contract Court Reporter BPA (.pdf, 283 KB) The Court is accepting applications for contract court reporter services. As the need arises we will add contractors to our current roster of contract court reporters.
Information Technology Administrator II (.pdf, 143 KB)
Chief Probation Officer (.pdf, 141 KB) 06/08/2018
Courtroom Deputy for U.S. District Judge Edward M. Chen (.pdf, 219 KB) 07/20/2018
Official Court Reporter (Certified Realtime Reporter) (.pdf, 207 KB)