Epic Games, Inc. v. Apple Inc. 



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General Court Information

About This Case

Plaintiff Epic Games, Inc. brings this action against defendant Apple Inc., alleging violations of antitrust laws through its Apple App Store policies on iOS devices. Apple counterclaims that Epic Games has breached its developer agreements and App Store guidelines by introducing a direct pay option on iOS devices in Epic Games’ videogame Fortnite.

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Selected case documents of special interest:

Docket NumberFiling Date
Order Granting In Part and Denying In Part Motion for Temporary Restraining Order 4808/24/2020
Order Granting In Part and Denying In Part Motion for Preliminary Injunction 11810/09/2020
Order Granting Motion for Judgment on the Pleadings 16511/18/2020
Discovery Order 20212/18/2020
Discovery Order 22612/31/2020
Joint Submission Regarding Trial Elements, Legal Framework, and Remedies27601/22/2021
Discovery Order 29601/26/2021
Discovery Order 30402/01/2021
Consumer Plaintiffs’ Amicus Brief re: Trial Elements, Legal Framework, and Remedies 32502/05/2021
Developer Plaintiffs’ Amicus Brief re: Trial Elements, Legal Framework, and Remedies 32602/05/2021
Discovery Order 32902/08/2021
Discovery Order 35602/24/2021
Pretrial Order No. 137103/02/2021
Pretrial Order No. 238103/23/2021
Discovery Order 38403/24/2021
Pretrial Order No. 338903/30/2021
Discovery Order 39904/06/2021
Epic Games, Inc.’s Proposed Findings of Fact and Conclusions of Law 40704/08/2021
Apple Inc.’s Proposed Findings of Fact and Conclusions of Law 41004/08/2021
Discovery Order 41404/09/2021
Order Denying Apple Inc.’s Motion for Pretrial Sanctions 43704/12/2021
Unopposed Motion of Media Coalition for Trial Access 45704/16/2021
Order re: Unopposed Administrative Motion of Reporters’ Comm. for Trial Access45804/16/2021
Pretrial Order No. 4
Pretrial Order No. 548504/26/2021
Pretrial Order No. 652104/29/2021
Pretrial Order No. 754704/30/2021
Pretrial Order No. 854804/30/2021
Pretrial Order No. 956405/02/2021
Trial Order No. 159405/05/2021
Trial Order No. 260905/07/2021
Trial Order No. 361305/09/2021
Trial Order No. 461405/09/2021
Trial Order No. 564305/12/2021
Trial Order No. 668805/17/2021
Trial Order No. 771505/20/2021
Discovery Order71805/20/2021
Post-Trial Order No. 179406/09/2021
Rule 52 Order After Trial on the Merits 81209/10/2021
Permanent Injunction 81309/10/2021
Judgment 81409/10/2021