Maintain/Update Your ECF Account

Updating your contact information: password, email address, firm, etc.

To update your personal profile in the ECF system:

  1. Log into the ECF system. (Make sure you use your ECF login, not your PACER login.)
  2. After you login, on the blue bar on top, click on:
    Utilities → Maintain My Account
  3. Make any needed changes on the Maintain User Account screen. Do not click the “Back” button on your browser until you have completed your updates. Then click the Email Information button.
  4. Make any needed changes on the E-mail Information screen (make sure the “Format Notices” is set for HTML unless you are having trouble viewing the ECF emails) and then click the Return to Account screen button.
  5. Click the More User Information button to update your login and password (if desired), then Return to Account screen.
  6. Click Submit to enter your changes into the system.
  7. If you are presented with a list of your cases, make sure Update All is selected and click Submit again.
  8. The system will show you some information when it has completed the update (about 10 seconds). Next select: Utilities→ Maintain My Account again and confirm that your new information is there. All changes take effect immediately.


  1. ECF registrations are by attorney (not by the case or by the firm) and remain valid for life;
  2. Per Local Rule 5-1, it is the attorney’s responsibility to keep the profile information (especially the email address) valid and current.
  3. Sharing CM/ECF filing credentials and PACER account credentials with a third-party service provider or designating that provider as a secondary recipient of a Notice of Electronic Filing or Notice of Docket Activity (NEF/NDA) will give it access to sealed case information and documents in violation of court order. You are urged to use caution in your computer security practices to ensure that sealed documents to which you have access are not disclosed. Fee exempt users should not share the documents they obtain from PACER under the exemption, unless expressly authorized by the court.

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How do I substitute an attorney on a given case?

The attorney coming INTO the case should e-file a Notice of Substitution of Counsel under his or her own login. This will add the attorney to the case immediately and when the notice is processed, the attorney leaving the case will be terminated by the clerk.

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I have changed firms or an attorney has left our firm; what do I do?

First, make sure your profile is up to date, then e-file a Notice of Change In Counsel. Anyone on the case can e-file this notice, not just the attorney who left.

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