eVoucher—CJA Electronic Voucher System

Effective September 21, 2015, all claims for compensation and all requests to exceed the statutory maximum under the Criminal Justice Act must be submitted through eVoucher. This means all attorneys, associates and service providers. 

Funding requests for service providers shall be made via the interactive Application for CJA Funds and submitted by email.  

Links to demonstration videos and written instructions are provided on this page. If you have any problems with or questions about eVoucher, please email us at cja@cand.uscourts.gov describing your issue; please type “eVoucher” in the subject line.

IMPORTANT:  You must log into eVoucher with either Internet Explorer 8 or higher or Safari 5.1 or higher. The eVoucher system is NOT compatible with other browsers (i.e. Chrome, Firefox).

Log on to your eVoucher account (https://evsdweb...)


On this website...

eVoucher Quick Reference Guides to Download ...

  • Creating & Submitting Your Voucher CJA 20 AND 30 (.pdf)
  • Attorney Guide for Creating & Submitting Service Provider Vouchers CJA 21 and CJA 31 (.pdf)
  • Service Provider Guide to eVoucher (.pdf)
  • Court Reporter Guide to eVoucher (.docx)

  • eVoucher How-To Videos

    Important: these videos are in the Adobe Captivate format. To view these videos, you will need Adobe Flash Player.
    Download Adobe Flash Player.