In re: German Automotive Manufacturers Antitrust Litigation



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General Court Information:

Recent Proceedings & Deadlines:
Date Proceeding or Deadline Courtroom
Thursday, March 15, 2018   Due date for Plaintiffs to file consolidated class action complaints.  
Thursday, May 17, 2018         Due date for Defendants to answer, move to dismiss, or otherwise respond to the consolidated class action complaints.  

Selected case documents of special interest:

Docket Number Filing Date
JPML Transfer Order (.pdf, 112 KB) 1 10/05/2017
Pretrial Order No. 1: Applications for Appointment of Plaintiffs' Lead Counsel and Steering Committee Members (.pdf, 36 KB) 4 10/17/2017
Pretrial Order No. 2 (.pdf, 39 KB) 27 10/24/2017
Pretrial Order No. 3: Order Appointing Lead Counsel and Steering Committee Members (.pdf, 48 KB) 223 12/14/2017
Pretrial Order No. 4: Initial and Responsive Pleading Deadline, Initial Case Status Conference, and Request for Proposed Protocol for Common Benefit Work and Expenses (.pdf, 39 KB) 224 12/20/2017
Amended Pretrial Order No. 5 - Protocol for Work Performed and Expenses Incurred (.pdf, 212 KB) 236 02/05/2018