In re: Facebook, Inc. Consumer Privacy User Profile Litigation


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Selected case documents of special interest

Docket NumberFiling Date
Pretrial Order No. 1 (.pdf, 98 KB) 206/07/2018
Pretrial Order No. 3 (.pdf, 29 KB) 7607/16/2018
Pretrial Order No. 4: Appointing Lead Counsel (.pdf, 25 KB) 10207/27/2018
Pretrial Order No. 5: Scheduling (.pdf, 27 KB) 10307/27/2018
Pretrial Order No. 6: Page Limits for Discovery Motion (.pdf, 27 KB) 11108/01/2018
Pretrial Order No. 7: Bankruptcy Counsel (.pdf, 100 KB) 11908/16/2018
Pretrial Order No. 8: Duties & Authorities of Co-Lead Counsel (.pdf, 113 KB) 12008/17/2018
Pretrial Order No. 9: Protocol for Common Benefit Work & Expenses (.pdf, 217 KB) 12108/17/2018
Pretrial Order No. 10: Protective Order (.pdf, 225 KB) 12208/17/2018
Pretrial Order No. 11: Order Regarding Limited Discovery (.pdf, 33 KB) 13008/27/2018
Pretrial Order No. 2: Granting Motions to Withdraw (Amended) (.pdf, 27 KB) 15009/25/2018
Pretrial Order No. 12: Prioritization of Claims (.pdf, 97 KB) 19011/09/2018
Pretrial Order No. 13: Re Joint Discovery Letter (.pdf, 25 KB) 23212/21/2018
Pretrial Order No. 14: Order Granting Mercer’s Motion to Dismiss (.pdf, 84 KB) 24001/28/2019
Pretrial Order No. 15: Order Granting Motion to Remand (.pdf, 191 KB) 24101/29/2019
Pretrial Order No. 16: Order Re Hearing on Motion to Dismiss (.pdf, 72 KB) 24301/31/2019
Pretrial Order No. 17: Schedule Re Motion to Dismiss First Amended Consolidated Complaint (.pdf, 69 KB) 25402/12/2019
Amended Complaint (.pdf, 5 MB) 25702/22/2019
Pretrial Order No. 18: Order of Dismissal Without Prejudice as to Defendants Mark Zuckerberg and Sheryl Sandberg (.pdf, 64 KB) 26303/18/2019
Motion to Dismiss Amended Complaint (.pdf, 1 MB) 26103/15/2019
Pretrial Order No. 19: Guidance for Hearing on Motion to Dismiss Amended Complaint (.pdf, 73 KB) 27305/28/2019
Pretrial Order No. 20: Granting in Part and Denying in Part Motion to Dismiss First Amended Complaint (.pdf, 1 MB)
Pretrial Order No. 21: Order Denying Motions for Leave to File Supplementary Material (.pdf, 82 KB)
Pretrial Order No. 22: Motions for Leave to Appear In Pro Hac Vice (.pdf, 85 KB)
Pretrial Order No. 23: Order Granting Motion to Relate (Hassan) and Rescheduling Case Management Conference (.pdf, 92 KB)
Pretrial Order No. 24: Order Granting Motion to Relate (Zimmerman) (.pdf, 94 KB)
Pretrial Order No. 25: Service on Non-ECF Users (.pdf, 125 KB)
Pretrial Order No. 26: Order Denying Motion to Certify for Interlocutory Appeal (.pdf, 81 KB)
Pretrial Order No. 27: Questions for Case Management Conference (.pdf, 87 KB)
Pretrial Order No. 28: Case Management (.pdf, 76 KB) 33811/13/2019
Pretrial Order No. 29: Regarding Zimmerman v. Facebook (.pdf, 77 KB) 33911/13/2019
Pretrial Order No. 30: Denying Facebook’s Request to Phase Discovery (.pdf, 126 KB) 34712/04/2019
Pretrial Order No. 32: Case Management Schedule (.pdf, 76 KB) 35612/13/2019