Apple Inc. v. Samsung Electronics Ltd. Inc. Selected Case Documents (C 11-1846)

Docket NumberFiling Date
Order Granting Limited Expedited Discovery (.pdf, 68 KB) 5205/18/2011
Order Denying Motion to Compel Reciprocal Expedited Discovery (.pdf, 86 KB) 7906/21/2011
Order Granting in Part Samsungs Motion to Dismiss Apples Counterclaims in Reply (.pdf, 89 KB) 31510/18/2011
Order Denying Motion for Preliminary Injunction (.pdf, 3 MB) 45212/02/2011
Order Construing Disputed Claim Terms (.pdf, 206 KB) 84904/04/2012
Order Referring Parties to ADR (.pdf, 39 KB) 87404/17/2012
Settlement Conference Notice and Order (.pdf, 37 KB) 88904/27/2012
Order Granting Apple’s Motion for Sanctions (.pdf, 88 KB) 89805/07/2012
Order Granting Preliminary Injunction.pdf (.pdf, 63 KB) 113506/26/2012
Order Granting in Part and Denying in Part Apple’s Motion for Partial Summary Judgment (.pdf, 98 KB) 115606/29/2012
Order Granting in Part and Denying in Part Motions to Exclude Experts (.pdf, 121 KB) 115706/30/2012
Order Denying Samsung’s Motion for Summary Judgment (.pdf, 648 KB) 115806/30/2012
Final Jury Instructions (.pdf, 889 KB) 189308/21/2012
Amended Jury Verdict.pdf (.pdf, 1,022 KB) 193108/24/2012
Order re Post-Trial Proceedings.pdf (.pdf, 35 KB) 194508/28/2012
Briefing Schedule for Non-Jury Claims.pdf (.pdf, 54 KB) 196509/12/2012
Order Denying Motion to Dissolve Preliminary Injunction.pdf (.pdf, 61 KB) 196809/17/2012
Order Denying Motion for Leave to File Extra Pages.pdf (.pdf, 33 KB) 10/29/2012
Order Granting Apple Motion to Compel.pdf (.pdf, 63 KB) 10/29/2012
Order re Motion to Compel Apple (.pdf, 51 KB) 11/08/2012
Order Granting Motion to Compel Depos.pdf (.pdf, 84 KB) 11/21/2012
Order Re: Damages (.pdf, 214 KB) 227103/01/2013
Order Granting in Part and Denying in Part Motion for Judgment as a Matter of Law (.pdf, 266 KB) 222001/29/2013
Order Denying Damages Enhancement (.pdf, 80 KB) 222101/29/2013
Order Granting in Part and Denying in Part Motion for Judgment as a Matter of Law (.pdf, 225 KB) 221901/29/2013
Order re: Indefiniteness (.pdf, 126 KB) 221801/29/2013
Order Re: Juror Misconduct (.pdf, 158 KB) 219812/17/2012
Order Denying Motion for Permanent Injunction (.pdf, 169 KB) 219712/17/2012
Damages Verdict 11-21-2013 (.pdf, 789 KB) 282211/21/2013
September 1, 2015 Case Management Order (.pdf, 114 KB) 327209/01/2015
September 18, 2015 Case Management Order (.pdf, 123 KB) 328909/18/2015