San Francisco Courthouse Press Room

The Press Room is located on the 18th Floor adjacent to the Attorney Lounge. Newly renovated in 2016, the Press Room consists of a suite of offices and common spaces designed to offer pleasant, professional work spaces free of charge for journalists to use while covering proceedings in the U.S. District Court. It can accommodate any number of journalists on a drop-in or as-needed basis. Reservations are not required.

There is a keypad lock on the main door. The code is available from the Media Liaison.

In addition to flexible, ergonomic workstations and a lounge seating area, the Press Room includes a small kitchen and lockers for visiting journalists to store possessions for short periods. There is a robust public wifi network available.

The following policies apply to use of the Press Room.

1. General Cleanliness

Users of the Press Room are expected to assist in keeping the space clean and neat.

Users of the Press Room should keep the windowsills, floors and other surfaces free of clutter to facilitate regular cleaning by building custodial staff.

Spills that could stain carpeting or other surfaces should be reported immediately so the court can arrange for prompt cleaning:

2. Accumulation and Storage of Paper

File and paper storage should be limited to files actively in use. Files not actively in use should be removed on a regular schedule. No more than two square feet of paper (about two banker’s boxes) should be kept in the Press Room by any one reporter or media organization. The file cabinets may be used to store paper and other items.

3. Office Equipment, Computers & Wired Connections

Because desktop computer set-ups and wired connections encumber spaces with equipment that cannot be shared, they are disfavored.

Preferred technology choices that enable more flexible use of the space and a tidier Press Room include:

  • Laptop computers or tablets (with optional USB monitors if more screen area is desired);
  • E-fax technology;
  • Shared wi-fi-enabled printers.

Existing DSL connections and landlines will be phased out on a schedule to be determined; no new DSL connections or landlines may be installed.

4. Offices

The lock on the front door of the Press Room can be operated with a combination that is available from the Media Liaison. No new keys to the front door or the individual offices will be issued.

A Press Room user who does not have an assigned office may treat a desk in an unassigned office as private work space on a daily basis. Doors to unassigned offices should be left unlocked and open at the end of each work day. Personal property should not be left in unassigned offices or common spaces; the self-service Press Room lockers (located in the kitchen) may be used for storage of items of personal property.

Most offices are equipped with two desks and two chairs. During periods of high demand for private workspaces (e.g. during high-profile trials), Press Room users are asked accommodate visiting journalists by “doubling up.”

5. Electronic Waste

Users of the Press Room will be notified of building e-waste pickups and are expected to dispose of unused unwanted office technology items regularly; such items may be stored on-site only until the next e-waste pickup.