Court Increases Use of Digital Audio Recording of Proceedings

Notice Regarding Increased Use of Digital Audio Recording in Court Proceedings

   As part of the Court’s ongoing efforts to increase efficiency by leveraging technology, counsel and litigants may notice increased use, by both district and magistrate judges, of digital audio recording (in lieu of a court reporter) to create a record of non-evidentiary proceedings.

The Role of Litigants and Counsel in Creating a Complete and Accurate Digital Audio Record

In order to facilitate the Court's ability to make a complete and accurate digital audio record, counsel and litigants should observe the following guidelines when addressing the Court:

  • State your name for the record at the beginning of the proceeding and again after any recess.
  • If there are more people than microphones, please state your name each time you speak into the microphone (as if you were on a conference call).
  • Speak directly into the microphone.
  • Do not speak over another person.
  • All responses must be made verbally. Avoid gesturing or nodding, as these will not be captured by the record.
  • When reading from a document, read slowly.
  • When quoting from a case, please state the case name and citation slowly and clearly.
  • Spell any unusual names or words.
  • Avoid shuffling papers or making noises near microphones that would inhibit clear recordings.

Obtaining an Official Transcript of the Digital Audio Recording or a Copy of the Audio File

View instructions for requesting an official transcript of a digital audio file, or a copy of the audio file (either on a CD or as an email attachment).