Updated: Electronic Filing of New Civil Cases - New Training Classes in San Francisco, Oakland and San Jose

On August 19, 2013, the Northern District of California joined a number of other federal district courts that allow registered CM/ECF users to electronically file new civil cases. As of that time, any registered CM/ECF user can electronically file civil case initiating documents, paying the filing fee, and open a new civil case, all in a single CM/ECF transaction. The Court also began issuing summonses electronically via CM/ECF.

At this time, the electronic filing of new civil cases is optional. Until further notice, parties may continue to manually file new civil cases. 

Online Training Resources

A step-by-step guide for e-filing new civil cases and a Powerpoint presentation may be found on the court's E-Filing A New Civil Case information page. 

Training Classes 

Due to high demand, additional in-person training classes have been scheduled for Oakland, San Francisco, and San Jose  To register for in-person training, please click hereTraining will continue during the government shutdown. 

Amended Civil Local Rules

Please take note of the Civil Local Rules (5-1 and 5-5) that have been amended to allow for the electronic filing of new civil cases. Details can be found here.