Revisions to Civil & Criminal Local Rules

Effective February 3, 2014

PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that the Court has approved the following amendments to the Civil Local Rules and Criminal Local Rules, which will take effect on February 3, 2014. View redline PDF versions of the proposed amendments.

  • Civil Local Rule 3-14: To eliminate the 14-day delay for the effective date of an order transferring a case to another district;
  • Civil Local Rules 5-1(a) and 5-4(a)(2): To make mandatory the electronic filing of new civil cases filed by represented parties;
  • Civil Local Rule 5-1(f): To delete the subsection allowing litigants to manually file oversized documents;
  • Civil Local Rule 7-2(a): To change the rule so that the 35-day notice for a motion hearing flows from date of filing of the motion rather than date of service of the motion, in order to eliminate any ambiguity as to whether FRCP 6(d) applies;
  • Civil Local Rule 7-9: To make clear that diligence must be shown as to each of the grounds for seeking leave to file a motion for reconsideration;
  • Civil Local Rule 7-9:  To make clear that a motion for leave to file a motion for reconsideration may be decided by a judge other than the judge who issued the interlocutory order for which reconsideration is sought;
  • Civil Local Rule 11-1(a): To add to the list of exceptions to the requirement for membership in the Bar of this court a reference to the new Fed. R. Civ. P. 45(f);
  • Civil Local Rule 83: To revise the local rule amendment process; and
  • Criminal Local Rules 8-1(b): To amend subsection (b) so that it conforms with subsection (a).