Early Notice of Assignment of Certain Cases Upon the Assumption of Inactive Status by Senior Judge Thelton E. Henderson

In the following four cases currently assigned to Senior Judge Thelton E. Henderson, the Court has retained jurisdiction in order to monitor compliance with a consent decree or other court order. The Court has approved early notice of assignment of new judges to these complex cases in order to enable the new judges to attend proceedings in the cases and otherwise prepare for the transition.

Judge Henderson will remain the assigned judge on these cases until he assumes inactive status on August 11, 2017, whereupon the cases will be reassigned as follows:

  1. Emma C. v. Eastin, C96-4179, will be assigned to District Judge Vince Chhabria.
  2. Allen v. City of Oakland, C00-4599, will be assigned to District Judge William H. Orrick.
  3. Plata v. Brown, C01-1351, will be assigned to District Judge Jon S. Tigar.
  4. USA v. Pacific Gas & Electric, CR14-0175, will be assigned to District Judge William H. Alsup.

All other cases remaining on Judge Henderson's docket will be reassigned at the end of his last week of judicial work at the Court. 

For details of the Court's assignment plan, please see General Order 44.