Northern District Offers New 3-Day Transcript Delivery Category

At its March 2018 meeting, the Judicial Conference approved a new 3-day transcript delivery category, defined as “a transcript to be delivered within three (3) calendar days after receipt of an order,” with rates of $5.45 per page for original transcript, $1.05 per first copy page, and $0.75 per additional copy page to the same party. The new 3-day category is available for use immediately.

The Judicial Conference also clarified the definitions of daily, hourly, and realtime transcripts. The new language removes references to “adjournment” and “unusual circumstances,” for tolling delivery time. Now, the definitions for all transcript categories and rates are applicable based on when a transcript is ordered from the court reporter, not when the underlying proceeding ended. 

Note : for all delivery categories, a completed “order” includes both the request (usually the filing of a CAND-435 transcript order form in CM-ECF) and satisfactory payment arrangements. Preparation time does not begin to run until the order is complete and the hearing for which a transcript is ordered has adjourned.