The Judges of the United States District Court for the Northern District of California have approved to amend the following General Orders effective October 19, 2023:

General Order 19Plan for the Administration and Operation of the Court Non-Appropriated Fund

General Order 24Order Referring Bankruptcy Cases and Proceedings to Bankruptcy Judges and Authorizing Bankruptcy Appeals to be Decided by the Ninth Circuit Bankruptcy Appellate Panel

General Order 31Deposit and Investment of Registry Funds

General Order 32Modification of Probation/Supervised Release Conditions for Placement in a Residential Re-Entry Center

General Order 55Bond Exoneration and the Posting and Return of Property (Includes Forms)

General Order 68Policy on Court Refunds of Fee Overpayments

Additionally, the following General Orders have been abrogated as of the same effective date:

General Order 5 – Standing Committees

General Order 14Plan for Prompt Disposition of Criminal Cases

General Order 23Management Plan for Court Reporting & Recording Services

General Order 40Prohibition of Bias (See Civ. L.R. 11)

General Order 43Procedures—Execution Scheduled Within Seven Days

General Order 57Adoption of Interim Bankruptcy Procedure Rules

General Order 64Expedited Trial Procedures

General Order 66Procedure for Post-Judgment Review of Sentences in Crack Cocaine Cases

General Order 78IN RE: Update on Court Proceedings and Operations following State of California Reopening

All Abrogated General Orders can be viewed here.