The Judges of the United States District Court, Northern District of California, have approved proposed substantive modifications to the Civil Local Rules (L.R.s) listed below.  See Summary of Proposed Revisions and Invitation for Public Comment.  Pursuant to Civil L.R. 83-2(b), public comments on the proposed modifications may be submitted to until Monday, July 10, 2023 at 4:00 p.m. PDT.

  • A revision changes Civil Local Rules 5-1 and 79-4 and Criminal Local Rule 55-1, requiring parties to e-file exhibits following trial and to retain custody of exhibits until the case is final.
  • A revision abrogates Civil Local Rule 3-4 , which prohibits parties from citing Northern District opinions designated “not for citation,” and part of Civil Local Rule 7-14, which described the process for so designating. This will harmonize this court’s rules with the Ninth Circuit’s and those of the other California district courts.
  • A revision changes Civil Local Rule 7-7 so that continuance of a motion hearing after an opposition has been filed requires a judge order (typically accomplished through submission of a stipulation and proposed order).
  • A revision to Civil Local Rule 73-1 clarifies that the deadline to file consent or declination to the jurisdiction of a magistrate judge may be set or extended by the Clerk or the Magistrate Judge assigned to the case.
  • A revision to Civil Local Rule 5-4 reflects that use of drop boxes is not limited to after hours, and that filings may be placed in any division’s drop box regardless of where the presiding judge sits.