The Northern District uses a digital recording system to create an official record for some proceedings at which a court reporter is not present. Effective May 1, 2018, digital audio files of some of these proceedings are available to the public over the Internet through the Public Access to Court Electronic Records (PACER) system, subject to the discretion of the presiding judge.

Counsel of record can download the audio files with their one “free look,” and other PACER users can access the audio files at a rate of $2.40 per audio file. The audio file is provided as part of the court’s mission of providing access and information to the public and the bar. The audio file is not the official record, and is not admissible in proceedings in this court. An official transcript of the proceeding may be ordered. View instructions for ordering a transcript of an audio file.

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PDF with attached Audio File. Court Date & Time [ 4/6/2018 1:21:19 PM ]. File Size [ 96 KB ]. Run Time [ 00:00:12 ]. (courtspeak). (Entered: 04/06/2018)

Note about Privacy:
The Judiciary’s privacy policy restricts the publication of certain personal data in documents filed with the court. Counsel and parties are responsible for monitoring whether information subject to the Judiciary’s privacy policy is stated on the record during a digitally-recorded proceeding. Redaction of portions of an audio file is not possible. Therefore, if a restricted item (e.g., a Social Security number or the name of minor child) is mentioned, counsel and parties may ask that the audio file of that hearing not be uploaded to the PACER system.