The Judges of the United States District Court, Northern District of California, have approved proposed substantive modifications to the Civil Local Rules (L.R.s) listed below.  See Summary of Proposed Revisions and Invitation for Public Comment.  Pursuant to Civil L.R. 83-2(b), public comments on the proposed modifications may be submitted to until Friday, September 3, 2021 at 4:00 p.m. PDT.

Civil L.R. 1-2(c): Scope, Purpose and Construction.
Civil L.R. 3-2(a): Civil Cover Sheet.
Civil L.R. 3-2(b): Commencement of Action.
Civil L.R. 3-2(c): Assignment to a Division.
Civil L.R. 3-4(c): General Requirements (Papers).
Civil L.R. 5-1: Electronic Case Filing.
Civil L.R. 5-2: Manual Filing. (Withdrawn)
Civil L.R. 11-1(b)(2): Eligibility for Bar Membership.
Civil L.R. 11-3: Pro Hac Vice.
Civil L.R. 11-6: Discipline.
Civil L.R. 65-1: Temporary Restraining Orders.
Civil L.R. 77-2: Orders Grantable by Clerk.
Civil L.R. 77-8: Complaints Against Judges.
Civil L.R. 79-4: Removal of Exhibits Upon Conclusion of Proceeding.
Civil L.R. 79-5: Filing Documents Under Seal in Civil Cases. (New Rule)
Civil L.R. 83-2: Publication of Proposed Modifications to Rules.