The Northern District now provides a private room in the San Francisco, Oakland and San Jose courthouses to accommodate visitors’ lactation-related needs. The interior is shielded from view, and the private room provides an electrical outlet, desktop area, access to a nearby sink, and a door that locks with an indicator that the room is occupied.

Chief Judge Hamilton notes: “Upon learning of the difficulties faced by some mothers finding private space for lactation-related needs in public courthouses, the Northern District resolved to remove this barrier. We are pleased to be able to add appropriate private spaces for mothers to the many amenities we provide to visitors.”


  • San Francisco: 18th floor Attorney Lounge
  • Oakland: 4th floor Attorney Lounge
  • San Jose: 4th floor, Room 4074 by Courtroom 6

Assistance with the lactation rooms is available from the Disability Access & Accommodation Coordinators in each division. Read more about the Northern District’s accommodations for visitors on the Court’s Access web page.