In light of the continuing COVID-19 public health emergency, access to all Northern District of California courthouses (San Francisco, Oakland, San Jose, and Eureka-McKinleyville) remains temporarily restricted to the public until further notice. See General Order 73.  This period may be extended by further order.

Please refer to the following General Orders:

GO 72-6: IN RE: Coronavirus Disease Public Health Emergency (adopted 9/16/2020)
GO 73: Continuing Temporary Restrictions on Courthouse Access (amended 5/21/2020)
GO 74: Temporary Use of Teleconferencing in Criminal Matters Pursuant to CARES ACT (amended 12/15/2020)
GO 75: Temporary Suspension of Rules Regarding Personal Service by USMS (adopted 3/30/2020)

The court will continue accepting electronic filings through ECF.  All local rules requiring that a courtesy copy be provided to the chambers of the assigned judge are suspended pending further notice, unless a judge orders otherwise in a specific case.  See General Order 72-6.  For pro se or other documents that have traditionally been filed in paper format, please first contact the phone numbers below to learn of alternative options for filing.  If needed, paper filings may be submitted by US Mail or private carrier, and a drop box is available for manual filing at the San Francisco, Oakland, and San Jose courthouses.  See General Order 73.  Mail and drop box filings will be picked up only intermittently.  Please note that for health and safety reasons, submission of paper filings (through US Mail, private carriers, or in person via drop box), is strongly discouraged.  Emergency filings should not be submitted by mail or drop box.

Questions may be directed to the following phone numbers: San Francisco Courthouse: (415) 522-2000; Oakland Courthouse: (510) 637-3530; San Jose Courthouse: (408) 535-5363; or McKinleyville Courthouse: (707) 445-3612.  Questions about under-seal criminal filings, payments, or deliveries should be directed to (415) 522-2000.  Questions may also be emailed to, or for media inquiries, to

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