USA v. Alejandro Toledo Manrique

Case number: 3:19-mj-71055-MAG

Information for Journalists:

Selected Case Documents:  

Criminal minutes (7/16/2019) 

Redacted complaint by the United States (filed 7/17/2019) 

Memorandum re: extradition by the United States (filed 7/18/2019)  

Criminal minutes (7/19/2019) 

Order of Detention (filed 8/5/2019)

Criminal minutes (8/29/2019)

Audio Files from Hearings: 

(To be added when available) 

Hearing on 7/16/2019 (initial appearance)

Hearing on 7/19/2019 (detention hearing)

Hearing on 8/7/2019 (status hearing) 

Hearing on 8/29/2019 (bond hearing)

Next Hearing:

 September 12, 10:00 a.m. (Courtroom A): Bond Hearing

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