Standing Orders

Effective Date
Judge Alsup's Application to Enter a Guilty Plea (.pdf, 21 KB) 10/08/2010
Judge Alsup's Guidelines For Trial And Final Pretrial Conference in Civil Bench Cases (.pdf, 41 KB) 05/09/2017
Judge Alsup's Guidelines For Trial and Final Pretrial Conference In Civil Jury Cases (.pdf, 52 KB) 05/09/2017
Standing Order For All Judges Of The Northern District Of California (.pdf, 89 KB) 11/01/2018
Judge Alsup's Supplemental Order to Order Setting Initial CMC in Civil Cases (.pdf, 128 KB) 04/23/2018
Standing Order for Early Notice to Class Members in Federal Securities Cases Before The Honorable William Alsup (.pdf, 15 KB) 03/28/2017