Sanctuary Jurisdiction Cases

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The following cases have been related before Judge William H. Orrick pursuant to Civil Local Rule 3-12. An action is related to another when: (1) the actions concern substantially the same parties, property, transaction or event; and (2) it appears likely that there will be an unduly burdensome duplication of labor and expense or conflicting results if the cases are conducted before different judges.

Case NumberCase Title
3:17-cv-00485-WHOCity and County of San Francisco v. Donald J. Trump et al
3:17-cv-04642-WHO City and County of San Francisco v. Jefferson Beauregard Sessions 
3:17-cv-04642-WHO  State of California ex rel. Xavier Becerra v. Jefferson Beauregard Sessions
County of Santa Clara v. Donald J. Trump et al
 3:17-cv-01535-WHO City of Richmond v. Trump et al 

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Accessing Case Documents

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Upcoming Proceedings & Deadlines:
DateProceeding or DeadlineCourtroom (if applicable)
September 5, 2018Argument on all dispositive motions 
(Cases C17-4701 & C17-4642);
see stipulation in file listing below for briefing schedule
Courtroom 2, 17th Floor

Selected case documents of special interest

Docket Number Filing Date
Complaint by City and County of San Francisco for Declaratory & Injunctive Relief (.pdf, 395 KB) 1 01/31/2017
Complaint by County of Santa Clara for Declaratory & Injunctive Relief (.zip, 4 MB) 1 02/03/2017
Complaint by City of Richmond (.zip, 4 MB) 1 03/21/2017
Order Granting County Of Santa Clara's And City And County Of San Francisco's Motions To Enjoin Section 9(A) Of Executive Order 13768 (.pdf, 469 KB) 98 04/25/2017
Order Denying Government's Motions For Reconsideration And To Dismiss With Regards To City And County Of San Francisco And County Of Santa Clara (.pdf, 415 KB) 146 07/20/2017
Order Granting Motion for Summary Judgment (.pdf, 473 KB) 182 11/20/2017
Order Denying Motion to Dismiss; Order Denying Amended Motion for Preliminary Injunctions (C17-4701) (.pdf, 316 KB) 88, 89 03/05/2018
Order Denying Motion to Dismiss (C17-4642) (.pdf, 95 KB) 78 03/05/2018
Stipulation & Order Re: Schedule (Cases C17-4642 & C17-4701) (.pdf, 190 KB) 100 03/29/2018