In re: Volkswagen "Clean Diesel" MDL

15-MD-2672-CRB (JSC)


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Upcoming Proceedings & Deadlines:
Date Proceeding or Deadline Courtroom (if applicable)
November 30, 2016, 8:00 a.m. 
New date: December 16, 10:00 a.m.
Status Conference
Courtroom 6, 17th Floor
January 18, 2017, 8:00 a.m. 
Final Fairness Hearing for the Franchise Dealer Settlement
Courtroom 6, 17th Floor

Selected case documents of special interest:

Docket Number Filing Date
Transfer Order from Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation (.pdf, 105 KB) 1 12/08/2015
Pretrial Order (.pdf, 283 KB) 2 12/09/2015
Pretrial Order No. 2: Applications for Appointment of Plaintiffs' Lead Counsel & Steering Committee Members (.pdf, 583 KB) 336 12/22/2015
Pretrial Order No. 3 Deadline for Motions for Appointment as Lead Plaintiff in the Securities Actions (.pdf, 149 KB) 355 12/23/2015
Pretrial Order No. 5: Notice of Intent to Appoint Robert S. Mueller III as Settlement Master (.pdf, 111 KB) 797 01/11/2016
Pretrial Order No. 4: Order Appointing Lead Plaintiff in Securities Action (.pdf, 59 KB) 545 01/05/2016
Pretrial Order No. 6: Order Appointing Robert S. Mueller III as Settlement Master (.pdf, 42 KB) 973 01/19/2016
Pretrial Order No. 7: Order Appointing Plaintiffs' Lead Counsel, Plaintiffs' Steering Committee, and Government Coordinating Counsel (.pdf, 59 KB) 1084 01/21/2016
Pretrial Order No. 8: Initial Case Management (.pdf, 50 KB) 1087 01/22/2016
Consolidated Consumer Class Action Complaint (.pdf, 6 MB) 1230 02/22/2016
Consolidated Amended Reseller Dealership Class Action Complaint (.pdf, 1 MB) 1231 02/22/2016
Consolidated Amended Competitor Dealership Class Action Complaint (.pdf, 1 MB) 1232 02/22/2016
Pretrial Order No. 9: Discovery Schedule (.pdf, 75 KB) 1252 02/25/2016
Pretrial Order No. 10: Order Regarding Motions to Remand (.pdf, 38 KB) 1253 02/25/2016
Pretrial Order No. 11: Protocol for Common Benefit Work and Expenses (.pdf, 127 KB) 1254 02/25/2016
Pretrial Order No. 12: Stipulated Protective Order (.pdf, 135 KB) 1255 02/25/2016
Pretrial Order No. 13: Coordination Order (.pdf, 53 KB) 1256 02/25/2016
Pretrial Order No. 14: Order Regarding Protected Counsel Communications (.pdf, 40 KB) 1326 03/04/2016
Transcript of the February 25, 2016 Initial Case Management Conference (.pdf, 145 KB) 1270 02/25/2016
Order Regarding the Production of Transcripts (.pdf, 37 KB) 1333 03/07/2016
Pretrial Order No. 15: Order Regarding the Preservation of Documents and Electronically Stored Information (.pdf, 58 KB) 1379 03/24/2016
Transcript of the March 24, 2016 Status Conference (.pdf, 78 KB) 1384 03/24/2016
Pretrial Order No. 16: Stipulation Relating to Non-Waiver of Privileges and Production of Privilege Logs (.pdf, 54 KB) 1387 03/29/2016
Pretrial Order No. 17: Order Regarding Motions to Remand (.pdf, 37 KB) 1390 04/04/2016
Transcript of the April 21, 2016 Status Conference (.pdf, 85 KB) 1439 04/21/2016
Stipulation and Order Regarding Confidentiality of Settlement Documents and Discussions (.pdf, 58 KB) 1444 04/22/2016
Order Rescheduling the May 19, 2016 Status Conference (.pdf, 39 KB) 1517 05/17/2016
Transcript of the May 24, 2016 Status Conference (.pdf, 77 KB) 1535 05/24/2016
Order Extending Deadline to File Settlement Agreements and Consent Decrees (.pdf, 34 KB) 1572 06/15/2016
Transcript of the June 30, 2016 Status Conference (.pdf, 100 KB) 1629 07/05/2016
PSC Presentation: What People Are Saying (.pdf, 22 KB)
PSC Presentation: Preliminary Approval of Settlement (.pdf, 1 MB)
Transcript of the July 26, 2016 Hearing on Preliminary Approval (.pdf, 217 KB) 1692 07/28/2016
Amended Order Granting Preliminary Approval of Settlement (.pdf, 184 KB) 1698 07/29/2016
Settlement Class Counsel's Statement Regarding Prospective Request for Attorneys' Fees and Costs (.pdf, 33 KB) 1730 08/10/2016
Transcript of the August 25, 2016 Status Conference (.pdf, 75 KB) 1775 08/25/2016
Amended Consolidated Consumer Class Action Complaint (Redacted) (.pdf, 3 MB) 1804 09/02/2016
Second Amended Consolidated Reseller Dealership Class Action Complaint (Redacted) (.pdf, 2 MB) 1805 09/02/2016
Second Amended Consolidated Competitor Dealership Class Action Complaint (Redacted) (.pdf, 1 MB) 1806 09/02/2016
Volkswagen-Branded Franchise Dealer Amended and Consolidated Class Action Complaint (.pdf, 3 MB) 1969 09/30/2016
Order Regarding Requests to Appear at the October 18, 2016 Fairness Hearing (.pdf, 41 KB) 2024 10/11/2016
Transcript of the October 18, 2016 Final Fairness Hearing (.pdf, 307 KB) 2079 10/18/2016
Order Granting Final Approval of Amended Consumer Class Action Settlement (Doc. No. 2102) (.pdf, 512 KB) 2102 10/25/2016
Order Granting the United States' Motion for Entry of Partial Consent Decree (Doc. No. 2103) (.pdf, 2 MB) 2103 10/25/2016
Order Entering the Federal Trade Commission's Partial Stipulated Order for Permanent Injunction and Monetary Judgment (Doc. No. 2104) (.pdf, 5 MB) 2104 10/25/2016
Transcript of the November 3, 2016 Status Conference (.pdf, 83 KB) 2166 11/07/2016
Plaintiffs' Motion for Attorneys' Fees and Costs (.pdf, 241 KB) 2175 11/08/2016
Franchise Dealer Settlement Class Counsel's Statement of Additional Information Regarding Prospective Request for Attorneys' Fees and Costs (.pdf, 35 KB) 2177 11/09/2016
Order Re: Attorneys' Liens (.pdf, 48 KB) 2247 11/22/2016
First Report of Independent Claims Supervisor (.pdf, 792 KB) 2307 11/29/2016
Order re: Attorneys' Fees (.pdf, 49 KB) 2428 12/05/2016