Chief Magistrate Judge Joseph C. Spero

San Francisco Courthouse, Courtroom F – 15th Floor
450 Golden Gate Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94102

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Weekly Court Calendar Schedule
Criminal Law & MotionFridays10:30 a.m.
Criminal Duty MattersDaily During Duty Months10:30 a.m.
Civil Law & MotionFridays9:30 a.m.
Case Management ConferencesFridays2:00 p.m.
Calendar Clerk & Courtroom DeputyKaren Hom jcscrd@cand.uscourts.gov415-522-2035
Civil Case Docketing & Docket CorrectionsSee Civil Docketing
Criminal Case Docketing
Case terminal digits 0, 1, 4-6:Lori Murray415-522-2093
Case terminal digits 2, 3, 7-9:Mark Jenkins415-522-2042
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For all media inquiries:media@cand.uscourts.gov415-522-4051

Courtesy/Chambers Copy Requirements

The submission of chambers copies is often required for electronically filed documents. Whereas the local rules state whether and how soon chambers copies must be submitted, judges’ individual standing orders sometimes create additional requirements and may differ from the local rules in other particulars. If they are not in agreement, these orders supersede the local rules.

View general information requirements for courtesy/chambers copies under the local rules.

The pertinent parts of Judge Spero’s standing orders are set forth below:

  1. While Civil Local Rule 5-1(b) requires parties to lodge an extra paper copy of any filing and mark it as a copy for “Chambers,” Judge Spero requires that parties submit Chambers Copies only of the following documents:
    1. Case Management Conference Statements; and
    2. documents that are related to a pending motion and/or discovery dispute.

    The parties do not need to submit Chambers Copies for stipulations, pro hac vice applications, and similar non-motion filings.

  2. All chambers copies should be double-sided (when possible), three-hole punched along the left side of the page and should bear the ECF filing “stamp” (case number, docket number, date, and ECF page number) along the top of the page. Parties with access to a large-gauge (13/32-inch) hole punch are encouraged to use that instead of a standard 1/4-inch or 5/16-inch hole punch. All exhibits shall be clearly delineated and should be assembled, in order, with the declaration to which they correspond. Exhibits must be separated by cover sheets and exhibit tabs. If the filing is more than two inches thick, the parties shall place the chambers copy in a binder. Otherwise, chambers copies may be secured with binder clips or some other removable fastener but should not be stapled.
  3. If documents are filed partially under seal, chambers copies of redacted documents should not be provided. Rather, any document that contains sealed material or material that a party has requested leave to file under seal should be provided to chambers only in its unredacted form. Where both sealed and unsealed exhibits are offered in support of a motion, the exhibits should be fully assembled with all exhibits unredacted. However, chambers copies of any sealed documents must be clearly marked as such and must clearly delineate the portions that are confidential (via highlighting).
  4. When a party files an administrative motion for leave to file under seal, it should provide Chambers Copies only of unredacted material, assembled as a single set of documents. Chambers copies of any sealed documents should be clearly marked as documents that are sealed or sought to be filed under seal and should clearly delineate the portions that are confidential (via highlighting).
  5. In a case subject to electronic filing, Chambers Copies must be submitted by the close of the next court day following the day the papers are filed electronically. The Chambers Copies shall be marked “Chambers Copy” and submitted to the Clerk’s Office, in an envelope marked with “Magistrate Judge Spero,” the case number, and “Chambers Copy.”
  6. Any proposed stipulation or proposed order in a case subject to electronic filing shall be sent by mail to This address is to be used only for proposed orders unless otherwise directed by the Court.

Delivery Address

United States District Court
Office of the Clerk
450 Golden Gate Ave, 16th Floor
San Francisco, CA 94102

About Magistrate Judge Joseph C. Spero

Chief Magistrate Judge Joseph C. Spero has presided as trial judge in criminal and civil cases in a variety of subject areas, including patent, employment, civil rights, commercial contract, trademark, and federal misdemeanor cases. He has also served as a settlement judge in over 1500 cases.

Judge Spero serves on the Court’s Executive Committee, as Chair of the Court’s Reentry Committee and of the Diversion Committee, and and has served as Chair of the Court’s Technology Committee, and as Liaison Judge for Pretrial Services and Probation. He also has served on various circuit and national committees including the Magistrate Judges Advisory Group of the Administrative Office of the Courts, the Magistrate Judge Executive Board, and the Capital Case Committee of the Ninth Circuit.

A 1981 graduate of Columbia University School of Law, he clerked for the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit. He worked as an associate at Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom, and as associate then partner at Coblentz, Cahen, McCabe & Breyer (now Coblentz, Patch, Duffy & Bass).

While in private practice, he trained as a mediator at Harvard Law School and served as a mediator in the Northern District’s Alternative Dispute Resolution Program. He also served as a Judge Pro-Tem for the San Francisco County Superior Court.

Judge Spero served as pro bono counsel in a variety of cases. He received the Thurgood Marshall Award from the Bar Association of the City of New York.

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