How to File Certificate of Interested Entities

  1. Prepare your Certification of Interested Entities or Persons per Civil Local Rule 3-15. Make sure your Certification is in pdf format.
  2. Log into ECF locate the ECF event Certificate of Interested Entities (Located:  Civil Events → Notices)
  3. Follow the usual procedure for entering the case number, selecting the filer(s), uploading your document(s), and hyperlinking your entry.
  4. 4. On the screen that reads “Search for a corporate parent or other affiliate,” enter the Last or Business name of the first entity or person listed on you Certification of Interested Entities (e.g., “Humperdinck” or “Royal Florin Haberdashers”) and click Search.

  5. If you get a list of “Corporate parent or other affiliate search results,” click on the name that most closely matches your entity or person; if there’s more than one instance of your entity or person, select the top one. Then click “Select name from list.”
  6. 6. If you get the result “No person found,” or if you do not see your entity or party listed, click on the button labeled “Create new corporate parent or other affiliate”.
  7. 7. Add the First name (“Prince”), if a person, or not, if a business; for Type, choose Corporate Parent if the entity or person is a corporate parent, or Other Affiliate for any other relationship. On the following screen that reads “Adding new corporate parent or other affiliate,” select the party that this entity or person has a relation to in this case, and click Submit.
  8. Repeat steps 4 to 7 to enter additional entities or affiliates.
  9. If you have no more entities or persons to add, click the button that reads “End corporate parent or other affiliate selection.”
  10. Finish the remaining e-filing steps.