Link to eJuror Online Juror Qualification Questionnaire

For questions not answered on this page, please email the jury administrator at the court location to which you have been summoned:


IMPORTANT! There is an active scam in Northern California targeting citizens via unsolicited phone calls from people claiming to be court jury office staff, United States Marshals, and even judges. The callers can be very forceful and insistent, and are skillful at intimidating people. These calls are fraudulent. Read more about jury service scams targeting citizens at USCourts.gov.

A legitimate court jury office will never ask for you for identifying information such as a social security number or mother's maiden name over the phone, and will not contact you demanding the payment of fines. If someone calls you stating they are with this court, hang up and call or email us using the contact information on this page.

If you received a summons or other notification by this court, please call 877-458-6306 according to the instructions found on your summons. You may also use this web page to respond to your summons or to check for your reporting instructions.