Compensation Rates for Experts and Other Service Providers

Accountant$150-275 per hour
Audio, Video, or Photo Analyst$100-200 per hour
Ballistics/Firearms expert$150-250 per hour
Chemist$150-275 per hour
Crime Scene/Police Practices/Use-of-Force Expert$150-250 per hour
DNA Expert$150-250 per hour
Document Translation$0.165 per word
Document Transcription$3.65 per page
or $55 per hour
Fingerprint Analyst$100-125 per hour
Forensic Computer/Cellphone Analyst$150-250 per hour
Forensic Expert with PhD$125-200 per hour*
Gang Expert$150-200 per hour
Handwriting Analyst$100-125 per hour
Interpreter/Translator$80 per hour
Investigator$100 per hour**
Investigator with Special Skills
(e.g., fluent in foreign language)
$115 per hour**
Investigator (Capital Case)$125 per hour**
Jury Consultant$150-225 per hour
Legal Analyst/Consultant (Non-Attorney)
(e.g., sentencing guidelines consultant)
$75-100 per hour
Mitigation Specialist (Capital)$125 per hour
Mitigation Specialist (Non-Capital)$100 per hour
Neurologist (MD)$275-400 per hour
Neuropsychologist (with PhD)$225-375 per hour*
Paralegal (including Litigation Support Services)$65-125 per hour ***
Psychiatrist or other medically-licensed mental health expert$275-400 per hour
Psychologist (with PhD)$150-300 per hour
Strickland ExpertSame as Lead Counsel*

* The presumptive rate will be the same for all cases. There will no longer be a difference in the rate paid between non-capital, capital, and capital habeas cases.

**  Rates above $100 are reserved for investigators with case-required foreign language fluency, mastery of one or more relevant areas of forensic science (e.g., forensic psychology or digital forensics), or specialized experience (particularly in the type of alleged offense or in capital cases).

*** Rates above $65 are reserved for paralegals with: (1) specialized technology skills necessary to perform complex litigation support; (2) use of foreign language fluency; or (3) capital case expertise. If employed by a firm, the maximum rate is salaried hourly rate plus employer paid basic benefit.